In the aftermath of the scandals, Morgan Wallen’s performance at the Grand Ole Opry is being scrutinized.


In the wake of scandals, Morgan Wallen’s Grand Ole Opry performance is being scrutinized.

Morgan Wallen made a surprise appearance at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, shocking many in the country music community who interpreted it as the ultimate sign of Wallen’s welcome back following his racial slur scandal.

After a TMZ report in January, Wallen, 28, became a pariah in the country music world.

In a video taken on January 31, 2021, he is seen using the n-word while walking with friends in Nashville, Tennessee.

His music was taken off country music radio stations, and he was barred from accepting awards, but the controversy had no effect on his sales, and by August, he was back on the air.

Given the Opry’s importance in the industry, his performance alongside ERNEST to sing “Flower Shops” at the Grand Ole Opry was seen as another step in his return to the country music world.

Artists and fans of country music were quick to chastise the Opry for re-inviting him.

Many also cited a post from the Grand Ole Opry from 2020, which stated that racism had “no place at the Grand Ole Opry.”

In February 2021, TMZ released a video of Wallen using the n-word, which was shot just a few days before.

Wallen apologized, and several radio stations removed his music from their playlists.

His performances were removed from CMT and the Country Music Association’s websites, and his record label, Big Loud, put an end to his deal indefinitely.

His music was also taken out of consideration for a number of awards shows.

Morgan Wallen’s rash redemption tour is the final nail in the coffin for my realization that these systems, and this town, aren’t for us.

I’ll keep making my little music in my attic, and you can listen if you want, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be doing this.

Wallen apologized again on Good Morning America in July 2021, but critics deemed his remarks insufficient.

“I was with some of my friends, and we were saying dumb things together,” Wallen explained.

“And it was – in our minds, it’s playful… that sounds ignorant, but it – that’s really where it came from… and it’s wrong,” the singer said, adding that he didn’t use the racial slur “frequently” and only said it around a “certain” group of friends when he did.

The thing that irritates me the most…

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