In the Afghanistan row ‘Give me a chance,’ Charlotte Hawkins was abruptly shut down by Raab.


In the Afghanistan row ‘Give me a chance,’ Charlotte Hawkins was abruptly shut down by Raab.

During a contentious exchange on Good Morning Britain over the Afghanistan issue, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs Minister Domin Raab shut down CHARLOTTE HAWKINS and Sean Fletcher.

Dominic Raab appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to discuss the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, and during his conversation with presenters Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins, he cut in to implore them to “let him to finish” and give him the opportunity to speak. Both interrupted the MP to try to elicit a direct answer on whether enough preparations had been done in advance to aid with the evacuation of Kabul, but Raab cut in and asked the presenters to let him continue.

Raab began by saying, “I spent a lot of time with the previous US government, both bilaterally and with the UK.”

“Did you or didn’t you call your Pakistan and Afghanistan representative?” Fletcher swooped in.

“Did you call them six months before Kabel died?” he asked.

“If you allow me to finish the response, what I was trying to say is the countless calls and engagements, not just with the Americans, but with all of our NATO allies and partners in the region,” Raab replied.

“I’ve spoken with the foreign minister several times to ensure that we can make the preparations today, especially since Kabul airport is closed for the time being.”

Hawkins, on the other hand, was interrupted by the MP as she continued the interview.

“Are the reasons you don’t know the numbers because you haven’t read your emails?” she said while discussing figures.

“Because we’re hearing that there are tens of thousands of unread emails in foreign office inboxes, filled with letters from people in desperate need of assistance.”

Raab responded, “No, that’s not correct.” “The reason we don’t know is because it depends on the eligibility which needs to be checked in respect to – and I’ve given you the estimate – in relation to nations, in relation to Afghans who work for us.”

“So what you’ve highlighted is crucial, individuals are coming in touch, sometimes many times-” he added.

“However, is it true that those emails haven’t been read?” Hawkins didn’t give up.

“Excuse me, may I just respond?” Raab went on. “Please give me the opportunity to finish.”

“There are two email inboxes being referred to,” he said, “one deals to the Afghan laborers and is run.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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