In terms of going ahead, Meghan Markle talked about avoiding drama, NEVER settling, and ‘wiggling in a pencil skirt.’


In terms of going ahead, Meghan Markle talked about avoiding drama, NEVER settling, and ‘wiggling in a pencil skirt.’

In a rediscovered conversation about how to go ahead, Meghan Markle talked about “avoiding trouble,” “never settling,” and “wiggling around in a pencil skirt.”

Meghan, who portrayed Rachel Zane on the iconic TV program Suits, gave her top recommendations for being a “female boss” when she was on the show.

Meghan told InStyle in 2015, before meeting Prince Harry, that “I believe the biggest part of being a women boss in the business, at home, or anyplace you go is just recognizing your value.”

“Even if you’re squirming around in a pencil skirt, it’s necessary to flex your intellectual prowess.”

Dress for the “part you desire, not the part you have,” she added.

Meghan then shared nine pointers on how to take leadership and be a force to be reckoned with…

Meghan claims that as she’s gotten older, she’s become more comfortable saying “no,” and that it’s just as important as saying “yes.”

She went on to say that this comes from understanding your worth and being comfortable in your own skin.

Meghan also suggested that you should be able to delegate responsibilities that you are unable to complete.

She believes it is critical to assemble a solid team around you in order to achieve a “higher level of achievement.”

Meghan advised against getting entangled in office politics.

🔵 For the most up-to-date information, visit our Meghan and Harry live blog. “I think it’s preferable to remain out of the drama in life and at work,” she remarked. You’ll be infinitely happy as a result. If you want to do that, reserve it for cocktails with your girlfriends after work.” The former actress urged people to establish “balance in their lives,” emphasizing the necessity of taking lunch breaks.

She claimed she enjoyed doing yoga or switching off to meditate when she wasn’t working on her website, filming for Suits, or being at home.

She advised that if you want to appear polished, you should make sure your clothes fit properly.

She stated that it makes no difference if your clothing are “cheap or high-end,” as long as they are suited to you.

Meghan recommends wearing a critical piece of apparel that makes you feel “badass” for days when you need a pick-me-up.

She claims it has the ability to “change the energy” of an entire day.

The American actress stated that she like to invest in timeless pieces that she can wear again and again.

She emphasized the importance of investing in high-quality things that will last a lifetime.


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