In Season 2 of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond annoyed some viewers with a controversial joke about chicken wings


Thanks to her cooking show, The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond has become a prominent personality on the Food Network in recent years.

On their ranch in Oklahoma, the town girl turned cowgirl enjoys making tasty, down-to-earth meals for her family.

Fans love to watch Drummond cook as she’s sharing her life stories.

But a clip from episode two of season two has not aged well and has left some viewers angry and insulted.

Before “The Pioneer Woman.” Ree Drummond and her family were multimillionaires.

The couple is extremely rich, despite the fact that Ree and her husband Ladd seem to be living a simple life in rural Oklahoma.

Before Ree made a name for herself in “The Pioneer Woman,” due to her land holdings, she and Ladd were already raking in millions.

As previously mentioned by Cheat Sheet, the family of Drummond owns 433,000 acres of land, making them the country’s 23rd largest landowners.

Because wild horses and burros are permitted on their vast property, between 2007 and 2017, the Bureau of Land Management paid the Drummond family more than $23 million.

Basically, that implies that to lease the land, the federal government is paying big bucks.

While there’s nothing wrong with making money from Ree and her family, the numbers were quite a shock to fans linked to their easy, safe lifestyle. They’re swimming in money, Ree and Ladd, and it’s a lot more than anyone had expected.

The conventional gender stereotypes propagated in “The Pioneer Woman” do not please some fans.

The story of how she met her cowboy husband was shared frequently by Ree with her fans.

The native of Oklahoma still dreamed of living and being independent in the big city.

But it all changed when, during college, she met Ladd at a bar in Oklahoma.

The dreams of the Food Network star moved to being a wife, mother, and homemaker.

But she was able to establish a prosperous business as well. According to Psychology Today, however, some claim that Ree is selling “a false image of domestic bliss.” to her fans.

Ree Drummond shares her favorite fast and simple dishes to revamp your meal schedule,’ Pioneer Woman’

The promotion of traditional gender roles by Ree did not sit well with Melanie Haupt, a Texas journalist. In her dissertation, she wrote that the Pioneer Woman “represents an idealized woman, a frontier version of the angel in the home with a 21st century twist. One who offers domesticity as escapist entertainment.”

For referring to Ladd in a way that “conjures images of rugged Western masculinity.” Haupt also called out Ree.

In a Season 2 segment about chicken wings, Ree Drummond offended fans in

Not only for her promotion of conventional gender roles, but also for a segment from Season 2 of The Pioneer Woman that some have considered sexist, Ree Drummond has come under pressure.

In the episode, Ree made Asian hot wings for a group of men as a game day snack, according to Eater.

But what she pulled out of the oven didn’t make them happy.

“Another adds, “I don’t trust them.” One man asks, “Where are the real wings?” Ree laughs at the reaction and tells them, “I’m just kidding, boys, I wouldn’t do that to you.” Then she takes out a pan of “real” wings, classic American Buffalo style.

The hungry men are delighted by this move, and one exclaims, “Now those are wings.”

Ree explained at the beginning of the episode that, because he loves classic buffalo wings, she decided to play a joke on her husband. She felt that the Asian version would “confuse” him.

Ree says, “I like messing with my spouse, I can’t help it,”

But the people behind Thick Dumpling Skin did not find the clip amusing – a website and podcast devoted to Asian-American issues.

“Why do we have to watch non-Asian chefs who can’t pronounce ‘Sriracha’ and don’t have a chopstick drawer show us how to make our own dishes? And how come when they do, we have to watch their entire family make fun of it – like in this episode of The Pioneer Woman?”Why do we have to watch non-Asian chefs who can’t say ‘Sriracha’ and don’t have a chopstick drawer show us how to make our own dishes? And how come when they do, we have to watch their entire family make fun of it, like in this episode of The Pioneer Woman?

Of course, Ree knows that the taste of buffalo chicken wings is favoured by Ladd.

The segment seemed to be all about Asian hot wings’ taste and appearance versus conventional wings.

The people in the Asian American community were not listed.

On Saturday mornings, The Pioneer Woman is seen on The Food N


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