In Season 2 of ‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ Stacey shines, and fans adore the actress who portrays her.


In the Netflix TV show The Baby-Sitters Club and in the Baby-Sitters Club books, it’s hard for most young fans not to identify with at least one character. For some viewers of the Netflix series, Stacey is their favorite, and the actress who plays Stacey — Shay Rudolph — stands out among her fellow cast members.

Some fans of the show and books want to know more about the actress and where else they can watch her on TV. Luckily, Shay isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and because The Baby-Sitters Club might be her biggest role to date, her star is definitely on the rise.

She might even branch out into music eventually.

Actress Shay Rudolph plays Stacey in the show The Baby-Sitters Club. Before she was cast, she played Maya in the TV series Lethal Weapon. After that, she was in a couple of TV movies, but The Baby-Sitters Club is easily Shay’s breakout role.

But she was always into acting in some capacity. Although the real-life teenager hasn’t been in show business as long as some other seasoned actors, Shay delved into theater before she hit the small screen.

Shay worked in local musical theater from a young age. Eventually, she signed with an agent and then began going on numerous auditions for larger-scale roles.

She was in the 2018 movie The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer, and from there, she took on more acting gigs. Now, The Baby-Sitters Club fans know and love her as Stacey.

@netflix The Babysitter’s Club series is absolute perfection. I read every book as a child and every episode of the series made me cry as a 41 year old mom. I need more Claudia, Stacey, Kristy, Maryanne and Dawn. We all do. #thebabysittersclub

In a July 2020 interview with Flaunt, Shay revealed that she was a fan of the Baby-Sitters Club books long before she was cast in the Netflix reboot. She said she read the books as graphic novels when she was in fourth grade.

Little did she know it was all for research for what would eventually be a breakout role for her acting career.

Shay also told Flaunt that she loves music outside of acting. She started playing the piano when she was 7 years old, and from there, her musical prowess continued. She also has an interest in making her own movies someday.

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