In preparation for the UK summer, dog ice cream has been introduced.


In preparation for the UK summer, dog ice cream has been introduced.

CREATORS OF ICE CREAM Jude’s has introduced a line of dog-friendly ice creams, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Battersea Dog & Cats Home.

Plant-based components that are suitable for dogs to eat were discovered earlier this month and are manufactured from actual fruit purees in flavors like strawberry, apple, and banana.

The cold treat arrives just in time, as the UK experienced scorching summer temperatures over the weekend, with temperatures reaching nearly 30 degrees in some parts.

The Wiltshire-based dessert company will donate 5% of sales from each tub sold to help care for all of Battersea’s animals.

“Introducing for Dogs!” the pet charity tweeted on Friday, July 16. ice cream with a soft texture Face of a dog Not only is it pet-friendly and a big hit with Battersea’s dogs, but we’re also thrilled that we’ll get 5% of the proceeds from every tub sold to help us care for our animals.”

Battersea emphasizes the significance of dog owners maintaining themselves cool in hot weather in another blog post on its website.

They stated, “Along with having fun in the sun, it’s also crucial to think about remaining safe in the heat, especially for the family’s canine members.”

To keep your dog from overheating and sunburning, soak a towel for them to lay on, avoid walks in the middle of the day, and provide as much shade as possible.

Another suggestion for keeping your dog entertained throughout the summer is to freeze food or goodies for them to sniff out throughout the day.

Jude’s also released an official statement about their latest product on their website.

“As a family of dog enthusiasts, we wanted to develop the world’s best snacks for the entire family, including the pooch,” it says.

Boris Johnson said he only contemplated not isolating for a “short moment.”

“Ice Cream for Dogs got her complete approval!! Our family’s Jack Russell Tinker loved being chief taste-tester!! It’s the ideal treat to have on a sunny family day.

Jude’s Ice Cream for Dogs is now available at Ocado; to order, go here.

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