In pictures, Meghan Markle “embraces originality” – a photographer on how to look like the Duchess of Sussex.


In pictures, Meghan Markle “embraces originality” – a photographer on how to look like the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle “embraces creativity” in photographs, according to a photographer who advises on how to look like the Duchess of Sussex.

MEGHAN MARKLE is one of the most well-known women on the planet, and her photographs have a significant impact on a large number of people.

In her formal engagement photos from November 2017, Meghan Markle wore an ivory white coat by Line the Label and an emerald green dress by Parosh. The dress retailed for €490 (about £415) and was immediately sold out on Farfetch when the official photographs were released. Alexandra Cameron, a professional photographer, revealed to This website exclusively how women can achieve the “Markle Sparkle” in their photographs.

“The most charming thing about Meghan Markle is her presence,” she said, “which I believe she does just by being herself in her body.”

Meghan’s pregnancy portrait, taken shortly after she announced she was expecting her second child with Prince Harry, was a widely circulated image that drew a lot of attention.

In a black and white shot, Meghan was sleeping under a tree with her head on her husband’s leg.

Meghan has been praised for her ability to understand her angles and how to act in front of the camera in order to get the best possible picture.

Alexandra commented on Meghan’s official engagement photos, saying she looked so genuine and happy.

“There’s no denying Meghan Markle is stunning, and I believe her glow sprang from her joy at the time; after all, she had just been engaged!” she exclaimed.

“As a reminder, Meghan has a vast beauty team at her disposal, which is something that not everyone has, which is important to remember so that you don’t create comparisons.

“However, if you’re having your own engagement session, don’t worry about how you look; instead, lose yourself in the love; it’s your time!”

“Alexandra recommends feeling every emotion at the same moment and allowing the happiness shine through in your photos to achieve the Meghan effect.”

Meghan’s angles and lighting are always flawless, but as Alexandra points out, the Duchess of Sussex has an entire beauty team at her disposal, so don’t compare your photos too closely.

“No one has,” Alexandra stated emphatically. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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