In On My Block, who killed Spooky? Season 4’s complete list of deaths.


ON MY BLOCK recently dropped its fourth season on Netflix. This website has compiled a list of all the deaths in the season.

On My Block is the coming-of-age Netflix drama focused on a group of friends trying to help one of their own get out of a gang. During season four, there were a few big casualties throughout the season. Spooky’s (played by Julio Macias) death was a major blow for fans, with many changes in store for the future of the show.

On My Block is a cutting-edge drama from Netflix, unafraid to touch upon some themes that are both relevant and true to life.

Season four has been no different, with the series also showing viewers that no character is safe in its murky and dark world.

Two beloved characters were killed off during the fourth season, shocking and upsetting long-time fans.

How this will impact the future of the show remains to be seen, but This website has listed all the deaths of season four.

By far the most devasting moment of the season came in episode five when Spooky was shot and killed.

His death came just after he vowed to turn his life around after meeting his girlfriend Isabel (Andrea Cortes).

Stepping out of his house to make a call, he soon noticed a car approaching.

Following a cut to black, viewers could hear gunshots, confirming the character’s end but not revealing who killed him.

While his killer hasn’t been revealed, it is likely a member of one of Freeridge’s feuding gangs.

The moment was all the more tragic after Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco) had just forgiven him after years of infighting.

Fans wasted no time sharing their sadness over Spooky’s death, with many of them taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

@32backwoods wrote: “When I said I wanted Spooky (Oscar) to continue being happy I F*CKING MEANT THAT OMFG!!!” (sic)

“They just couldn’t let Oscar have his restaurant #OnMyBlock,” @xnosea added.

@iiam_myiaa posted: “Those writers sick in the head for doing that to Oscar why set him up for a happy ending just to play him.”

In one final major shock of the season, Abuelita (Peggy Blow) died after suffering from cancer throughout season four.

There were many surprises throughout the last episode, but all were overshadowed by Abuelita’s death.

Some fans were already bracing for the death when. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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