In ‘Metroid Dread,’ obtaining the Speed Booster is required to complete the game.


In ‘Metroid Dread,’ obtaining the Speed Booster is required to complete the game.

It’s been 19 years since Nintendo released a 2D Metroid platformer, but Metroid Dread ends the decades-long plot set out in the original game.

Metroid Dread was published for the Nintendo Switch on the same day as the company’s new OLED model, bringing back an old favorite as fans wait for more information on Metroid Prime 4’s development (don’t worry, it’s still coming).

If you haven’t finished Metroid Dread yet, we have some pointers to assist you get through some of the game’s more difficult sections. The speed booster is one of the most important items you’ll need to progress. Here’s how to gain the speed increase and where to use it after you’ve got it.

The speed booster is required for players to get further in the game. With this item on her person, Samus gains the power to blast through some blocks, allowing her to access previously unexplored areas of the map.

After defeating the yellow EMMI robot in the Dairon sector, you will receive the speed booster power up for Samus’s suit. You won’t have to do anything special to equip the new item because Samus will do it for you, allowing you to run through the speed booster blocks.

Simply press down on your left joystick until a blue glow appears around Samus to use the speed booster to get through the blocks. Start running and break through the speed booster blocks after Samus has gained enough speed. These blocks are marked with small arrows, and when you activate your speed increase, they should break on impact.

These speed booster puzzles are really difficult!! #NintendoSwitch #MetroidDread While it may appear that you’ve made good progress over the map by the time you claim the speed booster, you’ll have to go backwards in order to continue the game. Many speed booster blocks were put around the game’s initial area, Artaria, preventing you from accessing certain spots. You can reach these regions now that you have the speed booster, giving you more of the map to explore.

For those unfamiliar with prior iterations of the genre, much of the 2D Metroid games revolve around accessing previously hidden regions of the map and requiring you to frequently revisit areas of the map you’ve already visited…. Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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