In “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” Steven Spielberg crucified the Nazis with his movie trick.


The career of Steven Spielberg is packed with excellent films and lucrative blockbusters. Among the many accomplishments he’s had, one franchise stands out in particular: the Indiana Jones series. The first four Indiana Jones films were directed by Spielberg, and all were box office successes. While the fifth installment in the series will not be directed by Spielberg, he definitely has many memories of the first four films, including Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

There is a scene in the film which involves a Nazi march. Here we learn how, without a guilty conscience, Spielberg managed to “prank” the Nazis and let the extras depict them.

The career of Steven Spielberg and the part that “Indiana Jones” had in it.

Spielberg was already an experienced director by the time the Indiana Jones series was made. In the world of cinema, Jaws made the imaginative director a force to be dealt with. Within a few years, he became the Director of the Lost Ark Raiders. Archaeologist and professor Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones played Harrison Ford in it.

George Lucas made the film and it was a throwback to the 1950s series.

Not only was the first film incredibly successful, but it resulted in three extremely lucrative sequels: Indiana Jones and the Doom Temple, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull Kingdom.

The Last Crusade put legendary actor Sean Connery as Jones’ father alongside Ford. Here, in search of the famous Holy Grail, father and son traveled across Europe, with one of the most insidious groups in history hot on their heels.

Who were the Indiana Jones series’ biggest villains?

Steven Spielberg didn’t like the film “Indiana Jones” at all.

There is a new villain in each film in the Indiana Jones series, but the Nazis are one party who always appears as an enemy to Dr. Jones. It is the Nazis in the first film who search for the Ark of the Covenant.

They’re all on the quest for the Last Crusade’s Holy Grail.

For Jones, the Nazis serve as the ideal foil. They look for them to manipulate humanity as he searches for historical artefacts to prove humanity.

Five aspects the film series got right were collected by The Independent, and one of them was Jones’ rivalry with the Nazis. The Nazis also tried to use archaeological objects as a way to explain their point in their conquest drive to prove the supremacy of the Aryan race.

This is what makes the films so exciting. Jones goes up against one of the world’s most strong, nefarious forces with his mates.

The planet’s fate is at stake.

It was a difficult matter for Spielberg to depict them, since the Nazis are often depicted as villains. It meant asking actors and extras to turn them into these despicable figures of history, which was not easy. Luckily, Spielberg had a trick that helped them survive the ordeal.

“How the Nazis were “fooled” by Spielberg.

In one Last Crusade scene, a Nazi book burning rally infiltrates the Jones duo.

That meant hundreds of Nazi uniforms were required for the production.

In Germany, costume designer Anthony Powell was able to find authentic World War II Nazi uniforms for the extras to wear, according to Goliath.

The extras even had to give a Nazi salute in the same scene. He asked them to place their free hand behind their back while interlacing their fingers in order for them to do this without a guilty conscience. It was a way to ease the blow of having to make such a polarizing gesture that symbolized absolute evil.


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