In her cancer battle, AGT’s Nightbirde experiences ‘disorienting’ pain.


In her cancer battle, AGT’s Nightbirde has ‘disorienting’ pain.

Nightbirde, a contestant on America’s Got Talent, is battling cancer and is experiencing “disorienting” pain, but she is still hoping for a “miracle.”

The 30-year-old previously stated that she is only 85 pounds as she continues her grueling battle.

The singer shared two photos of herself on Instagram, one of which shows her sitting on steps, slightly smiling.

Nightbirde wears a small smile while crossing one arm and closing her eyes in the second snap.

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt fully awake,” she wrote in a lengthy caption.

Pain can be so surreal and disorienting that I frequently feel like an observer rather than a participant in my own life…”

The actress then spoke about her “dreams,” which included “singing to the entire world at the same time,” but she admits she now has to deal with reality.

“I thought it would be sparklier than this,” Nightbirde, formally known as Jane Marczewski, wrote.

I never imagined myself with so many bruises in front of the world.

I never imagined that in my heyday, I’d be suffering in front of a crowd…”

“I’ve always expected miracles,” she added.

The miracle, I reasoned, would be that I would be able to skip to the end and avoid the pain.

I expected the miracle to leave me scar-free and brand-new.”

“I did get a miracle, but it wasn’t the one I was hoping for.”

I have the opportunity to seek out and find light.

I get to witness how strong love can be.

I get to travel with thousands of other people who, no matter how hard they try, can’t stop hoping…”

Nightbirde’s powerful words were praised by many, including America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel.

“You’re the miracle we’ve all been waiting for,” he said.

Nightbirde has been candid about her battle, even revealing the startling news of her weight loss.

The vocalist smiled for the camera while holding on to an IV pole in a previous photo, and the caption read: “Ever seen 85 pounds look so good????”

After learning that her cancer had spread to her lungs, spine, and liver, Nightbirde was given a 2% chance of survival.

In August, the contestant announced her withdrawal from the AGT finals on Instagram, citing health issues.

She’d then reminisce about her time on the talent show, saying, “It’s so hard for me not to be on the @agt stage for the finals this week.”

“I’m sure you’ve never seen anyone win and lose so hard at the same time.”

This isn’t how the plot unfolds…

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