In Dubai jail, a British great-grandfather with dementia, 72, is ‘just skin and bones as he rots.’


In Dubai jail, a British great-grandfather with dementia, 72, is ‘just skin and bones as he rots.’

William Meyerhoff, 72, of Grimsby, was arrested in May by Dubai police in connection with ten-year-old bounced checks that he maintains he did not issue.

According to his family, a British great-grandfather with dementia is imprisoned in a Dubai jail and is ‘only skin and bones on death’s doorstep.

He was arrested on the basis of bounced checks in his name, but he claims he did not write them.

William Meyerhoff, 72, worked in Dubai ten years ago but was apprehended in May of this year while passing through on his way to Australia on a stopover aircraft.

The Grimsby man has been sentenced to pay £20,000 or serve five years in prison.

Authorities in Dubai have charged him with 38 counts of forging cheques while working for an Indian corporation there.

Brit Albert Douglas, William’s cellmate, described the conditions as “filthy” and that William is “flesh and bones, and bewildered.”

Matthew, the pensioner’s son, said that his father was being used as a “scapegoat” by the company where he used to work, stating that they are responsible for the checks.

He said, ” “The way he’s been treated has been appalling. They can see that he is really feeble. It’s as if they’re attempting to assassinate him.

“He is mostly deaf and cannot understand most of what is said to him, making communication difficult for him.

“Now he’s been convicted in his absence and condemned to what amounts to a life term in jail.”

Matthew has been denied access to his father, who has received no assistance from Dubai police, the prison, or the hospital that has been caring for him.

“They’re robbing him of his only chance to travel with us,” Matthew added.

“We would go to any length to see him again, and we implore Sheikh Mohammed to have mercy on our father.

“We know we won’t see my father again if he isn’t released on humanitarian grounds, and this is too much for us to bear and too much for his grandkids.

“The prospect of his dying alone in a foreign prison is unbearable to us.”

Detained in Dubai is a group of judicial experts who want to assist foreign citizens who have been wrongfully detained in the United Arab Emirates.

“This is how dangerous Dubai is to foreigners,” said Radha Stirling, the group’s CEO.

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