In celebration of her favorite restaurant, Lena Dunham has a butt tattoo.


There are several hats Lena Dunham wears.

She has appeared in several films as an actress, including This is 40 and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

But she has directed films as well (e.g.

Tiny Furniture), produced television shows (such as HBO’s Girls) and wrote books of her own. You can also add “Tattoo Collector” to the position list for Dunham. Having never hidden from the camera, Dunham revealed all of her tattoos publicly.

But there is one unique tattoo that Dunham recently applied to a rather discreet part of her body that is rather peculiar.

Lena Dunham began making YouTube videos

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Lena Dunham studied in Ohio at Oberlin College. She was enrolled in creative writing there, as Britannica reports, but was fed up with poetry writing and theatrical production. So she started to practice screenwriting and in the mid-2000s she began making short YouTube videos.

After graduating from college, Dunham started gaining a following, and one of her self-directed films was screened at the SXSW Creative Festival. Her second SXSW film, Tiny Furniture 2010, was ultimately released.

That caught Judd Apatow’s attention, who asked Dunham if she wanted to do a TV series on HBO.

The series, Girls, aired for five years, winning Dunham multiple nominations for the Emmy and Golden Globe. Dunham is known today for her comedic sense of humor, cultural critique, feminist views, occasional debates about social media, and unusual choices of style.

And Dunham’s butt and her favorite restaurant are one of those style options.

Lena Dunham from her favorite restaurant has a butt tattoo

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On West Broadway, The Odeon is a New York restaurant serving French-American fusion cuisine. “the restaurant that defined New York’s ’80s,” Vanity Fair once called it, and the publication points out that the restaurant has a long list of fans of celebrities, including Andy Warhol, Robert De Niro, and Lorne Michaels.

To the list of Odeon regulars, you may add Dunham.

Dunham called it her “favorite restaurant in Tribeca,” Page Six reports.

The founder of The Girls loves the Odeon so much that she even got it tattooed on her body, with Page Six mentioning that she was tattooed on her ass with an image of the Odeon symbol.

Dunham’s butt tattoo is orange, according to Yahoo, with the words “The Odeon” written in capital letters.

The font on the tattoo matches the font on the genuine neon sign of the Odeon.

But the culinary-inspired tattoo from Dunham isn’t the only ink on her rear.

Lena Dunham is getting a lot of tattoos

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A couple of years ago, Dunham had her restaurant tattoo. The term “sick” on the back of her neck is one of her most recent tattoos. InStyle notes that she earned this tattoo to increase awareness of endometriosis in 2019.

Endometriosis is a debilitating illness affecting the ovaries, and in 2015, Dunham first announced that she was fighting the disease.

According to Page Six, she also has a tattoo of her dog Rosie on her ribs, as well as a colorful illustration from a children’s book.

But the beginning is just that.

A photo of Laura Thornhill (one of the first female skateboarders), the word “Eloise” (inspired by the Disney movie Eloise at the Plaza), the word “staunch” (inspired by the American Grey Gardens documentary) and a snake wrapped around an image of the moon are other tattoos.

The latter, just like her Odeon tattoo, is on her butt. What other tattoos Dunham will have remains to be seen.


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