In an ITV presenter switch-up, Lorraine Kelly is replaced by GMB star Ranvir Singh.


Lorraine Kelly has been replaced as an ITV presenter by GMB star Ranvir Singh.

ITV Lorraine viewers were taken aback when Ranvir Singh took over as host of the self-titled show – and while some wondered where Lorraine had gone, others fawned over the stunning Ranvir.

Lorraine Kelly’s self-titled show has welcomed Ranvir Singh to take over hosting duties for the day.

Lorraine, who usually hosts the ITV morning show Monday to Friday (excluding school holidays), surprised fans by missing the show on Friday morning.

Instead, guest host Ranvir Singh took over hosting duties, a position she is familiar with because she frequently fills in for Lorraine during half terms.

Viewers were quick to wonder where the Scottish favourite was when the show opened with Ranvir instead of the usual hostess, but others couldn’t help but ooh and ahh over Ranvir’s appearance.

“Where is Lorraine?” one Twitter user asked, while others speculated about her whereabouts as Ranvir appeared on the show.

Lorraine is on a pre-arranged day off, according to ITV.

Viewers were ecstatic to see Ranvir join the lineup on Friday’s show, and she received a flood of tweets in response.

“Ranvir looks smoking on Lorraine,” one person commented, while another added, “Wow you look incredible this morning on Lorraine.”

“Well there’s an image to warm up a cold Friday morning @ranvir01,” chimed in a third person.

Ranvir previously praised her appearances on Lorraine and admitted that she enjoys being asked to host the show because it allows her to “get under the skin of the people she is interviewing.”

“You’ve got a little more time, and because there’s only one of you doing the interview, you’re able to follow your own trail of thought and where my personal interest in that particular person’s story lies,” she explained.

“It just means you have a little more leeway in terms of having that conversation that you find particularly poignant or interesting, and you can bring a little more of myself into it.”

She enjoys doing the show because the stories are more human in nature and allow her to express a different side of herself.

The show is a chance for a “lighter touch,” according to Ranvir.

She’s gushed about the show on Instagram and elsewhere, and she never fails to compliment the hostess, but she’s made it clear that she’s a huge fan.

Christine Lampard, in addition to Ranvir, fills in for Lorraine on occasion.

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