In an exclusive premiere clip, the star of ‘Bering Sea Gold’ plays the ‘Wild Card’ for a mining operation.


In an exclusive premiere clip, the star of ‘Bering Sea Gold’ plays the ‘Wild Card’ for a mining operation.

The new season of Bering Sea Gold premieres on Discovery Tuesday, and it seems to be just as high-stakes as the previous ones. Shawn Pomrenke, Zeke Tenhoff, Kris Kelly, and Vernon Adkison are gold prospectors in Alaska, and the show follows them. Tenhoff and his crew set out to increase their output this season in an exclusive preview footage published by, taking advantage of the growing price of gold.

“It took us a heated minute, but we found a hole with the cobble,” Tenhoff said in the video. “Now it’s all about getting on the gold and getting as many hours on the box as we possibly can.” “Or, to be honest, this might be my final mining season.” This season, Tenhoff has some novice crew members, so he added Steve Riedel as a “wild card” to help out. Rydell arrives on a snow blower, as if he were a lone warrior preparing to save a town. Riedell thinks of ways to assist Tenhoff’s efforts right away. It’s a “high-risk, high-reward situation,” but Tenhoff is willing to take a chance on it.

When Tenhoff and her father returned to mining last season, Riedel’s daughter told, “Either the price [of gold]was much too high [to refuse], or Steve and Zeke are way too unemployed.” “Gold mining has a way of catching you and pulling you in. Once you’ve caught the gold bug, you’ll never want to let it go – you’ll always want to go out and collect more.” Pomrenke battles wind chills of 50 below zero in the new season of Bering Sea Gold to collect the gold he needs for a successful year. He enlisted the help of diver Joe Fullwood, but Pomrenke still gets himself into difficulty, and he decides to mine an ancient riverbed.

Kelly’s shoulders are also under a lot of strain, both on and off the ice. He wants this year to be the best of his life, but he’s also getting ready to start a family. He must balance these priorities with the purchase of expensive new mining equipment. This season, Adkison is another wild card, as he looks to maintain his hot streak on Claim 56. He pushes his team to the breaking point, and he’s about to find out if he’s gone too far.

Bering Sea Gold premiered on Discovery in 2012, and it’s produced by the same people who brought you Brinkwire.


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