In ‘ACNH,’ the Room Sketch App allows you to take your designs with you on the go.


In ‘ACNH,’ the Room Sketch App allows you to take your designs with you on the go.

While the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update added a slew of new items, inhabitants, and experiences to your getaway island, the Happy Home Designer DLC adds even more, making the upgrade well worth the money.

The DLC may appear to be nothing more than another chance to exercise your creative muscles by designing some dwellings, but it actually includes a slew of new amenities for gamers to bring back to their island; anyone who meticulously creates their area should consider it.

The Room Sketch app is one of the most interesting additions that players will be able to acquire, as it allows users to pre-create a room layout to speed up the planning process for vacation homes.

This is a must-have tool for anyone who enjoys designing interiors in New Horizons, but how do you get it on your Nook Phone?

Unfortunately, unlocking the Room Sketch app will take some time, but if you appreciate the stuff in the Happy Home Designer DLC, you should have no trouble doing so.

You’ll be able to unlock the Room Sketch app once you’ve designed and completed 33 different holiday house projects. The DLC technically “ends” at 30 homes, when you’ll get to see the DLC’s credits roll, but there’s so much more material after that.

Wardell will consider you a friend by this stage in the game, and you will have formed a bond with him. Lottie will tell you to take a break when you’ve completed the 33rd holiday home, and you’ll find Wardell swimming in the water. Interacting with him will result in a cut scene, which will start the process of you receiving the Room Sketch app.

You should be able to walk into the Paradise Planning office the next day and get access to the Room Sketch app from Lottie!

The room sketch app is fantastic! Sauna was built for my templates (hashtag) ACNH (hashtag)LumiAC (hashtag)AnimalCrossing (hashtag) pic.twitter.comaWNu9oiV7x NintendoSwitch This program allows you to build rooms on the move and save them as templates to use in a new holiday home whenever you need them. This will not only help you speed up the process of designing new holiday homes, but it will also allow you to exercise your creative muscles when you’re not at work.

To use the app, hit ZL to open your Nook Phone, then pick the Room Sketch app.

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