In a viral video, a Georgia trooper stomps on an armed man after a foot chase, causing uproar.


In a viral video, a Georgia trooper stomps on an armed man after a foot chase, causing uproar.

The unidentified trooper is now being investigated, and the suspect has been charged with many offenses.

A video of a Georgia trooper repeatedly striking a guy with his foot has gone popular on the internet. According to reports, the suspect, Jamarco Kintavious Lucas, was armed and fleeing officers when the altercation occurred on October 3. Lucas was reportedly caught driving a 2019 Dodge Challenger without a seatbelt on Atlanta’s Downtown Connector, according to sources.

When the Decatur native, who was sought in nearby Rockdale County on a battery charge, was requested to halt, he bolted, according to Lt Mark Riley, a spokesperson for the Georgia State Patrol. Riley further stated that Lucas then got out of his car and began fleeing, prompting the trooper to pursue him on foot.

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In this horrifying video, an Atlanta cop kicks a mentally ill lady in the head after she spits at him.

Garrett Rolfe of Black Lives Matter: Where is he Now? Rayshard Brooks was slain by a cop who was freed on a $500,000 bond. This can’t possibly be true. — ATL Uncensored | Atlanta News (@ATLUncensored) 3rd of October, 2021 In a second video from the same event, the anonymous trooper can be seen sprinting behind the suspect before firing his stun pistol to knock him out. Riley said the trooper claimed to see a firearm fall from Lucas’ waistband at that point. The 27-year-old accused then tried to get up, but was stomped by the trooper, who “saw a firearm resting on the sidewalk between his location and a bystander” while handcuffing him. The trooper returned Lucas to his patrol truck after recovering the pistol.

GSP cop stomping on suspect photo in FULL VIDEO

— Atlanta News | ATL Uncensored (@ATLUncensored) 4th of October, 2021 The trooper has been charged with multiple counts, including fleeing or attempting to elude, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm with an altered serial number, reckless driving, speeding, improper lane change, failure to obey a traffic control device, driving while unlicensed, and no seatbelt.

Though the trooper’s actions are still being investigated, the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s policy manual indicates that cops can use physical force to apprehend a person. “I think that’s a clear case of excessive force,” activist Scotty Smart told a local ABC station. We already have someone on the ground. It’s not necessary to step on him. Two or three times stomping on him appears to be an emotional reaction.” People on Twitter have also voiced their opinions. A person who uses something. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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