In a twist from Emmerdale, an unlikely teen comes to Vinny and Manpreet’s aid?


In a twist from Emmerdale, an unlikely teen comes to Vinny and Manpreet’s aid?

Fans of EMMERDALE are desperate for evil Meena Jutla to be exposed as a villain and a murderer, but it appears that her hold on the village residents is only growing.

Vinny Dingle was kidnapped by the nurse on Friday’s episode.

Could a quiet local help Manpreet Sharma and his friend?

After developing a taste for murder, evil Meena (played by Paige Sandhu) began subtly culling Emmerdale residents.

The evil nurse, on the other hand, has progressed to more daring acts, and no one on the ITV soap is safe.

After becoming suspicious of her strange behavior, she recently kidnapped her sister Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker).

On Friday’s episode, a worried Vinny (Bradley Johnson) accompanied Meena to the barn where Manpreet was being held, but Meena quickly knocked him out.

Could Noah Dingle (Jack Downham), who was disturbed by Meena’s strange remarks, have followed his pal?

Meena has no mercy for her victims, and Vinny and Manpreet’s deaths appear to be sealed.

Meena is confident that she can get away with two more murders now that no one knows where they are.

Manpreet is weakening as her sister keeps her imprisoned in the barn, and now that Vinny has been kidnapped as well, it won’t be long before the insane nurse plots to kill them all.

Could an unlikely hero, on the other hand, be on the verge of saving the day?

Vinny had discussed his fears with Noah, a local teen, before setting out to follow Meena.

Noah has earned Meena’s wrath for stealing a ring she had already stolen.

Noah picked up on Meena’s menacing behavior as she taunted him about it.

She then provoked Vinny by bringing up Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele), who is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon).

Meena was the one who killed Ben, and she loved making jokes about Liv, as fans know.

“Must be such a worry,” Meena told Vinny, “being so certain she’s innocent but not being able to prove it.”

“What amazes me is why arrest Liv, of all people?” she added.

“Because the cops are usually like, ‘It’s a man,’ so it’s kind of refreshing.”

“I mean, women, like men, can be violent sadists.”

“I understand,” Vinny said.

“But Liv – no offense, but I can’t see,” Meena continued.

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