In a tense exchange, Alastair Campbell tells Naga Munchetty to cease “defending” the Covid plan.


In a tense exchange, Alastair Campbell tells Naga Munchetty to cease “defending” the Covid plan.

On her broadcast today, guest Alastair Campbell shut down NAGA MUNCHETTY following a heated conversation regarding Boris Johnson’s pilot scheme and the end of lockdown.

Double-jabbed Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, was diagnosed with coronavirus and is currently self-isolating with minor symptoms. Boris Johnson, 57, who had been in contact with him, is now in isolation as well, despite having previously stated that they would be part of a pilot program.

They would be tested regularly and would not have to quarantine under the system.

Boris has since reversed his decision and said on Twitter that he will self-isolate till Monday.

After being in close contact with Sajid, Rishi Sunak has also been quarantined.

Naga invited newspaper columnist Peter Hitchens and Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former director of communication, to discuss Freedom Day.

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As long as coronavirus infections persist, Peter told Naga Munchetty he isn’t “overjoyed” about the limits being relaxed.

Alastair also voiced his opinion, criticizing Boris for being “too slow” when the infection first spread.

He went on to accuse the Prime Minister of prioritizing other issues over the pandemic, such as last year’s “messing around with Christmas.”

Following the announcement of the lockdown measures, he discussed how the public was now free to make their own decisions during the epidemic, but not when it came to the Test and Trace system.

“They’re basically saying, ‘You’re on your own,’” he added.

“But isn’t that what we anticipate as a country?” Naga interjected. We expect to have some autonomy and to be treated like adults.”

“Yesterday was an absolute classic of its kind,” Alastair continued of Boris’ pilot project, “where Javid gets Covid, Johnson and Sunak get pinged, and they make up a few rules.”

If the Prime Minister indeed have coronavirus, he was accused of breaching the law and endangering his staff.

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Naga stated, “Let’s be clear about this, he was a part of a test scheme.” “They are real, Alastair.”

Her BBC Radio 5 Live guest may be heard saying, “No, please Naga.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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