In a presenter switch-up, Sally Nugent of BBC Breakfast is replaced by Nina Warhurst.


Sally Nugent of BBC Breakfast has been replaced by Nina Warhurst.

During Monday’s episode of BBC Breakfast, fans were greeted by some new faces on the classic red couch, as Nina Warhust stepped in for Sally Nugget at the last minute.

After the New Year’s Eve celebrations, the BBC Breakfast presenters were shuffled, leaving viewers perplexed to see some unfamiliar faces at the start of their week.

On Monday’s episode of the popular morning show, Dan Walker was joined on the couch by Nina Warhurst, who stepped in at the last minute to replace Sally Nugent.

Despite the fact that the reason for her absence is unknown, viewers were delighted to see the brunette beauty back on the couch with the former Strictly Come Dancing star.

Dan shared a sweet selfie with his new co-host on Twitter ahead of the daily show, in which the two beamed while catching up on the iconic red sofa.

“Good morning,” the 44-year-old captioned the photo.

This morning on (hashtag)BBCBreakfast, there’s a busy old show.

It’s great to see @NinaWarhurst again on the couch.”

“Great to see the very lovely Nina on the red sofa presenting Breakfast, you’re a lucky man Mr Walker!” one user wrote on Twitter in response to the TV switch-up.

However, some viewers expressed concern for Sally, with one concerned viewer asking, “No way.

Is Sally gone? What’s going on? Surely she’s not already gone to the other side.”

Sima Kotecha replaced Nina on Ben Thompson’s Sunday morning show.

After Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt’s doting father took a week off after the holidays, the two stepped in for the weekend.

He’ll be back on the red sofa with Nina, Dan, and Sally next week.

BBC Breakfast is broadcast on BBC One every day at 6 a.m.

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