In a now-deleted TikTok comment, Nicki Minaj was chastised for ‘bullying’ a Leigh-Anne fan.


In a now-deleted TikTok comment, Nicki Minaj was chastised for ‘bullying’ a Leigh-Anne fan.

“Saying don’t bully people while bullying someone is called being a hypocrite point blank period,” a Leigh Ann admirer said.

Nicki Minaj has no intention of letting the feud between her and Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix die down. She slammed one of Leigh-supporters Anne’s as a “bully” in a now-deleted TikTok comment. In stolen chats made public by UK influencer NoHun on TikTok, Leigh-Anne allegedly accused former bandmate Jesy Nelson of ‘blackfishing,’ a term used to denote a white person attempting to look to have Black roots. This year, Jesy Nelson’s ethnicity has been widely debated when a prejudiced article accused her of wearing heavier cosmetics. After learning for the first time that Nelson is a white woman, a large number of Twitter users erupted into a frenzy, while others defended her, claiming that musicians like Ariana Grande have been ‘blackfishing’ since 2014 with no repercussions.

NoHun uploaded a screenshot of Leigh-Anne apparently calling Nelson a “bad person” in his DMS, as well as a screenshot of her blocking all of her former bandmates, despite allegations that they had unfollowed her. Although the authenticity of the screengrab has yet to be verified, it didn’t take long for Leigh Anne and Nelson’s supporters to start a Twitter battle of words in defense of their respective favorites. Things heated up even more as Nicki Minaj chose to support Nelson, with whom she co-wrote the song “Boyz.”

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Nicki Minaj has been suspended from Twitter. Platform debunks Singer’s claims. Boris Johnson vs. Nicki Minaj: There is only one winner in the bizarre feud over the Covid-19 vaccination! “Just say that if you want a solo career, sweet girl.” You are free to go out and make your own music. That’s all we’re going to do is support and love you. You are not required to attack another person. Why were you kiki-ing with her and appearing in her videos for ten years if that’s how you felt? Now that she’s not in a video with you, do you have something nasty to say and do about it? Stop!” In an Instagram live video, Nicki made an indirect jab at Leigh Anne.

A Leigh-Anne fan is called out by Nicki Minaj for being “bully.”

Nicki Minaj’s thoughts on the terrible predicament that the former Little Mix bandmates have found themselves in were discussed by TikTok user @pablothedon. “Hi my name is Pablo and let me tell y’all something you can use with this knowledge anything you want,” the TikToker who is siding with Leigh-Anne said. You will never find me airing a black on Beyoncé’s internet. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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