In a new video, Meghan Markle shows off her minimalist home, which includes a £1240 Hermes bedspread.


In a new video, Meghan Markle shows off her minimalist home, which includes a £1240 Hermes bedspread.

In honor of her 40th birthday, MEGHAN MARKLE has produced a new video announcing her new endeavor, the 40X40 initiative. The video showed the interiors of her Montecito home for the first time.

The Duchess of Sussex revealed the new effort to co-star Melissa McCarthy in a video uploaded on her website Archewell. The video, which was shot in her £11 million house, depicts the basic but stylish home she shares with Prince Harry.

The video was shot in a lovely room of her Montecito house in Santa Barbara, California.

The wonderful property’s interiors are stunning, with a really trendy beige and white design.

Meghan is sitting in what appears to be her office, in a beige chair.

Her laptop is on top of some copies of her own book on a large marble table.

There are several copies of ‘The Bench,’ as well as white flowers in a golden vase and a glass water bottle.

On the Duchess’ desk, there is also a pink crystal. Crystals offer relaxing and stress-relieving characteristics, thus they should be strategically distributed throughout the workspace.

Meghan also has some gold frames with images of her children on the table. A dainty tray with a flowered teacup and a small dish with biscuits is also present, which could be a nod to Harry’s British ancestry.

The magnificent room’s walls are painted white, and two large windows overlook a beautiful garden.

Under the massive marble table, a large beige rug complements the room’s cream and white tones.

However, the most intriguing piece, and most likely one of the most expensive, is a Hermes blanket displayed next to her.

It’s the woven wool and cashmere ‘Avalon III throw blanket,’ which comes in four distinct colors.

The blanket, which was created specifically by Hermès Studio, costs £1240.

There is a large fireplace behind Meghan, as well as some large plants in grey clay pots.

Her dog is lying on a white and grey striped bed that coordinates with the rest of the room’s dcor.

At the end of the video, Prince Harry can be seen juggling outside the window of Meghan’s room, where she was on a video conversation with Melissa.

In the video, the Duchess was dressed in a basic all-white ensemble that matched the. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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