In a new music video WATCH, Brian May channels Back to the Future as he sings duets with his younger self.


In a new music video WATCH, Brian May channels Back to the Future as he sings duets with his younger self.

In his magnificent new time-traveling music video for the Queen guitarist’s solo track Back to the Light, BRIAN MAY channels Back to the Future.

Brian May’s first solo album, Back to the Light, was released approximately 30 years ago. Last month, the Queen guitarist released a remastered edition of the album, which had been out of print for years. After a few teases this week, the 74-year-old has finally revealed a physical release date for the title tune as well as a magnificent new music video.

Brian channels Back to the Future in Back to the Light: The Time Traveller, when he finds himself in 1992 owing to some superb visual effects trickery.

The Queen legend becomes an audience member at his own solo show, wearing a fedora in a smokey ambiance that wouldn’t seem out of place in noir classic The Third Man.

But it’s not long before the elder Brian joins his younger counterpart on stage for a duet that would make a Johnny B Goode strumming Marty McFly happy.

“I feel kind of affectionate looking back,” the 74-year-old stated on Back to the Light. Looking back at myself 30 years ago, I was a young man who had no idea what a great path lay ahead of him.”

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Brian explained the roots of Back to the Light, saying, “The song came during a difficult moment in my life.” It wasn’t exactly a sunny day.

“I needed to find a location where I could see a marker for the voyage I needed to do. So that’s what the song’s about.”

According to Queen folklore, the song begins with a dark tone, discussing night creatures like as foxes and badgers, but not foxes and badgers.

“They’re the kind of animals from your mind that bite you and make you feel scared,” he explained.

“So I’m there all alone listening to these cries, and the verses are in that kind of atmosphere,” Brian continued.

“However, all of the choruses are UP!!! “I’m going to find it – get back to the light – this is what I’m looking for – this is what I’m going to discover,” she says.

Also, the 74-year-old. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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