In a new ‘Live in Front of a Studio Audience’ special, Kevin Hart takes on the role of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ star.


In a new ‘Live in Front of a Studio Audience’ special, Kevin Hart takes on the role of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ star.

Kevin Hart’s height has long been a subject of ridicule among his peers and friends. He’ll lean into that girth to play a legend of ’80s television in the upcoming episode of Live in Front of a Studio Audience, which airs Dec. 7 on ABC.

While it may appear to be a cruel joke to have Hart play Gary Coleman’s Arnold, despite their evident age difference, with Hart at 42 and Arnold in his early teens during the series’ peak, it isn’t. Nonetheless, the comedian will be joining some elite company on the live special, which the network has already broadcast twice.

Mark your calendars for TUE December 7 on ABC, when (hashtag)LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience recreates comedy classics (hashtag)TheFactsOfLife andamp; (hashtag)DiffrentStrokes! On Hulu, you may watch Next Day. pic.twitter.comiaWkR6qwV9 Woody Harrelson, Jamie Foxx, and Marisa Tomei played Carrol O’Connor, Sherman Hemsley, and Jean Stapleton, respectively, in previous chapters of All in the Family. The second installment introduced Good Times, but the latest installment may push the comedy to its breaking point.

Mr. Drummond will be played by John Lithgow, and Todd Bridges’ role, Willis, will be played by Damon Wayans. The cast of Diff’rent Strokes has yet to be revealed, and it will air alongside a live episode of The Facts of Life. Mrs. Garrett will be played by Ann Dowd, who has previously been in The Handmaid’s Tale and The Leftovers.

Kevin Hart, John Lithgow, Ann Dowd, and Damon Wayans are among the cast members of (hashtag)DiffrentStrokes. On ABC, you can see it! On Hulu, you may watch Next Day.

Norman Lear, the original sitcom’s producer, returns as executive producer, with Jimmy Kimmel, Brent Miller, Kerry Washington, Will Ferrell, Justin Theroux, and Jim Burrows assisting. “There’s no place I’d rather be in my 100th year than on a Sony soundstage with these glorious actors reliving what our company had produced all those years ago and sharing it with the millions of viewers who could use a little laughter,” the legendary producer said in a statement. In July 2022, Lear will turn 100 years old.

Diff’rent From 1978 through 1985, Strokes aired on NBC for seven seasons before being moved to ABC for a final season by chaTV great Norman Learnnels. The Facts of Life premiered a year later, in 1979, and lasted until 1988. In light of the… Entertainment News Brinkwire Summary


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