In a major continuity violation from a pivotal Jess scene, Hondo held the phone the incorrect way.


In a major continuity violation from a pivotal Jess scene, Hondo held the phone the incorrect way.

Viewers of the action program SWAT have discovered a big continuity issue involving Hondo from season one.

The CBS action-adventure series has been on the air since 2017, and eagle-eyed viewers first noticed the blatant inaccuracy in the first season. SWAT follows the lives of elite police officers tasked with protecting their city, and it was fan favorite Hondo (played by Shemar Moore) who made the critical error.

Hondo was first introduced to fans as Sergeant Daniel Harrelson in season one.

He worked as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, where he recruited members of the S.W.A.T unit.

One of his primary responsibilities was to lead his highly talented crew on missions in the neighborhood where he grew up.

Hondo made major faults during a crucial work, which a viewer noticed.

Hondo led his squad on a mission inside a maximum-security prison in the first season’s episode Seizure.

During the heated situation, the SWAT squad was called in to help de-escalate emotions during the hostage rescue mission.

Helmsing Prison prisoners had formed three opposing gangs and planned to use a riot to seize control of the prison.

The SWAT squad, fortunately for the guards, devised an effective plan and took possession of the facility.

Deacon Kay’s (Jay Harrington) wife Annie Kay (Bre Blair) arrived at the headquarters with cake to commemorate her husband’s 10 year anniversary at SWAT.

The celebrations, however, were cut short when she had a seizure at the precinct; it was later determined that the bleed in her brain was caused by a non-cancerous tumor.

Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman), the LAPD Commanding Officer, was advising the SWAT squad as they were settling issues at the jail.

As her husband Deacon was also stationed in the jail, she was the first to alert Hondo about Annie’s situation.

The error was discovered during this phone call, and the viewer reported the mistake to

“When Jessica contacts Hondo to inform him about Deacon’s wife, you see Hondo answer the phone normally,” they said.

“You can see him holding the phone upside down, with the camera lens towards the bottom, right after she informs him what’s up,” the admirer continued.

This was a significant mistake, as it was evident that production had made it at the time. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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