In a heated immigration row, Farage loses it with a French MP: ‘Paying for your mistake!’


In a heated immigration row, Farage loses it with a French MP: ‘Paying for your mistake!’

On Thursday’s episode of his GB News primetime show, NIGEL FARAGE got into an argument with Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont over the ongoing migrant situation.

Farage, 57, was on hand to talk about a variety of topics on his show, ranging from the pandemic to the migrant problem. With hundreds of refugees crossing the Channel to seek asylum in the UK on Thursday, the former UKIP leader spoke with Dumont about the government’s decision to provide France with £54 million in financial aid to deal with the situation. However, the interview became tense when the GB News host stated that he saw no sign that things were improving or that the situation was being handled.

“Anyone crossing the Mediterranean might stay, and I put it to you,” the former politician told his visitor.

“Despite all this money we’re providing you, you’re not actually trying very hard, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many British people.”

“It’s not true,” Dumont responded. “More over half of the people crossing the channel have stopped,” the broadcaster said, but he rapidly lost it.

“Prove it, prove it, prove it,” Farage yelled at the Calais MP. I hear this all the time, but I’ve never seen any proof of it.”

In an attempt to reassure Farage that he was correct, the French politician stated he would send the numbers he had.

“We need to understand why all these people want to migrate to the UK and not stay in France or another area of Europe,” Dumont continued.

“It is an unlawful enterprise, and yes, of course, they all seek sanctuary status,” the former UKIP leader continued to share his ideas with his guest.

“However, as you and I both know, refugee status was explicitly defined in 1951, and you applied for it in the first safe country.”

“There is a United Nations refuge charter and all of things which I believe France is still signatory to and that has been the convention ever since 1951,” Farage screamed as Dumont disagreed.

Demonstrate it, demonstrate it, demonstrate it.

Nigel Farage is a British politician.

Finally, Farage asserted and told his guest that Britain was “paying for the cost of France’s mistake” in the issue.

According to statistics, more refugees have undertaken the perilous trek across the English Channel to the. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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