In a foodie hack, a fitness guru makes a half-calorie KFC Zinger burger.


In a foodie hack, a fitness guru recreates the KFC Zinger burger with half the calories.

Bec Hardgrave attempted to make her own KFC Zinger Crunch burger and discovered that it had about half the calories as the original.

However, after watching the tutorial video, fans were not convinced.

A fitness influencer revealed her secret cooking hack for making a “healthier version” of the KFC Zinger burger, but the recipe was met with mixed reviews.

After a visit to her local fast food outlet, Bec Hardgrave, from Brisbane, east Australia, was inspired to find a healthier version of the burger.

She had tried the Zinger Crunch burger and wanted to make her own version with fewer calories.

Instead of KFC chicken and burger buns, the foodie decided to use items from her neighborhood supermarket.

“I grabbed my Aldi brioche bun and hot and spicy chicken tenders,” Bec wrote on Facebook after sharing the cooking tip.

“My ‘Zinger’ sauce was made with light mayonnaise and Siracha.”

I toasted my buns and topped them with crunchy slaws, tenders, and cheese.

“Finally, for some added crunch, I added some Doritos.”

“It totaled 456 calories.”

This is something you should definitely try; it’s fantastic!”

She gives her verdict after taking a bite of the “fakeaway” burger and admits that the chicken tenders aren’t as good as the ones at the famous Colonel’s.

However, it appears that it is still worthy of a remake!

“It’s also a great lower-calorie alternative to KFC’s new crunch line,” she added.

Her viewers, on the other hand, had reservations about the homemade burger’s “healthy” aspect.

“The chicken tenders are frozen processed food, just as bad as KFC,” one said.

“Sorry, that plastic cheese in your burger isn’t healthy,” a second wrote, while a third added, “You bought the slaw, you didn’t make anything.”

“The KFC burger is much more appealing to me.”

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Some people said they wouldn’t mind trying to make the burger and that it would be a good lunch option for their kids.

“It looks better than the KFC version,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Well done, I’ve always wanted a Zinger remake!”

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