In a disagreement over Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop plans, his enraged neighbors label him “fame-hungry.”


In a disagreement over Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop plans, his enraged neighbors label him “fame-hungry.”

THE NEIGHBORS OF JEREMY CLARKSON have expressed their displeasure with the actor after he sought for permission to change the location of his farm shop, which has proven to be a hit with fans of his Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm.

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, of the Grand Tour, is said to have left a sour taste in the mouths of his neighbors, with some accusing him of abusing planning laws. Locals have filed ten complaints with the city council regarding Jeremy’s Diddly Squat Farm, the subject of his most recent Amazon Prime series, Clarkson’s Farm.

It comes after the former Top Gear host requested to have the external doors of his famed Diddly Squat Farm Shop in Chadlington, Cotswolds, altered.

Since Clarkson’s Farm aroused viewers’ interest, the shop has been besieged with clients.

Locals have been irritated even more by this, since people anxious to meet Jeremy have caused traffic congestion on the roads in the neighborhood.

Since Jeremy’s shop opened, several of the neighbors have experienced two-hour traffic jams.

Locals have accused Jeremy of being fame-hungry and employing a “step-by-step approach to exploit planning gaps” in order to advance his career.

The planning proposal, according to the Mirror, is “the latest in a series of what is clearly a step-by-step effort to use planning loopholes in order for the applicant to acquire notoriety for his media career.”

She went on to say, “It should be refused.”

Mrs M J Bell also contended that the proposed installation of new roller doors should not be permitted to proceed.

“There is substantial evidence that the applicant has not adhered to the initial criteria under which the shop was granted permission,” she stated.

“For example, it doesn’t offer local produce grown on the ‘farm’ because the farm (and, in particular, the so-called ‘farmer’) doesn’t grow any.”

Hilary Moore, a parish councillor from Chadlington, said the traffic near Diddly Squat Farm had become “crazy.”

Moore went on to say that Jeremy should “immediately” close his farm shop.

“You were made well aware of how inappropriate the site was when an application was submitted, today our roads are crowded with traffic and the entire area is becoming a danger zone with fast cars showing off their speed on limited lanes, traffic queuing for kilometers or.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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