In a cryptic Kevin Feige shot, Hugh Jackman ‘teases’ Wolverine RETURN.


In a cryptic Kevin Feige shot, Hugh Jackman ‘teases’ Wolverine RETURN.

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the AVENGERS, has fuelled rumours that he would return to the MCU with some mysterious social media tweets.

Hugh Jackman is Wolverine personified. The X-Men character appeared in three X-Men films with Fox before moving on to three sequels in a different universe. The iconic Marvel character’s adventure was then completed by Jackman in three standalone films: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, and Logan. Although Jackman’s version of the character was killed off in the latter film, his comeback could be on the way, bringing him face to face with the Avengers.

This week, Jackman shared a bunch of clues on his Instagram account.

The Australian actor began by sharing some concept art of Wolverine’s arm created by renowned artist Bosslogic.

The actor, who hasn’t spoken about Wolverine since his version died in 2017, then posted another photo.

He shared a photo of himself with Marvel Cinematic Universe mastermind Kevin Feige, the mastermind of the whole MCU storyline.

#Wolverine with Kevin Feige?? Hugh Jackman posted these photos to his Instagram story today.

Even the comic book version of Wolverine was modified by Jackman’s portrayal, so his inclusion in the MCU would be enormous for fans of the franchise.

Furthermore, given Disney’s recent purchase of Fox – and its multiple X-Men flicks – the previous version of Logan may be incorporated into the ongoing MCU.

He might be a whole new version of the character or a resurrected version of a long-dead hero.

Feige has been wanting to get Jackman back onto the picture for some time, according to noted leaker Grace Randolph.

“[Feige] would like to bring Hugh Jackman back for one last round as Wolverine,” Randolph said last year. Again, this is Kevin Feige’s wish list for now. We’ll see what he’s capable of.” (Source: Cosmic Book)

This isn’t entirely impossible, considering the upcoming Spider-Man film, No Way Home, is said to incorporate the multiverse and time travel.

Former Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are expected to star in the next Spider-Man picture; could this be the start of Jackman’s return as Wolverine as well?

In 2017, while promoting Logan, Jackman opened up about his interest in joining the MCU.

“The Avengers would prove too much to.” Brinkwire Summary News, said Jackman.


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