Important dates for harvesting Brussels sprouts


Important dates for harvesting Brussels sprouts

BRUSSEL SPROUTS are a Christmas staple, but they should be gathered as soon as possible.

Whether you like them or not, no allotment would be complete without them. Sprouts are associated with the holiday season, and many Brits believe they should be harvested in December. Don’t be fooled; they may be ready sooner than you think.

Brussel sprouts should not only be served on Christmas Day.

These flavorful vegetables are perfect for the fall and winter months, and they’re a great complement to any Sunday roast.

Depending on whatever types you choose and when you planted them, your sprouts may be ready to harvest soon.

The harvesting season for Brussels sprouts is six months long.

Depending on the variety of vegetables in your garden, they could be ready to harvest anywhere from August to January.

Harvesting early crops sowed in February should begin now.

Churchills, for example, can be harvested as early as August.

Later cultivars, such as the Brodie, should be left until the first frosts arrive.

Frosts can help subsequent cultivars taste better.

When the sprout heads are firm and green, you know they’re ready to harvest.

They should be around the size of a walnut, with a diameter of one to two inches.

Start plucking the lowest sprouts first when your Brussel sprouts are ready to harvest.

They should be strong and yet closed firmly.

Snap them off with a strong downward tug with your hand.

Alternatively, you can twist the sprouts until they come away from the plant.

Remove any fading leaves when you harvest the lower sprouts to ensure the plant develops additional leaves and sprouts.

You can also collect the sprout tips at the end of the season.


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