‘I’m Under A Lot of Stress Right Now, Dolly!’ Dolly Parton once made Stephen Colbert cry.


‘I’m Under A Lot of Stress Right Now, Dolly!’ Dolly Parton once made Stephen Colbert cry.

Dolly Parton has consistently captivated audiences with her singing, generosity, and overall benevolence. Late-night watchers, on the other hand, were able to watch Parton move someone to tears in real time. Parton’s gestures reduced Stephen Colbert to tears during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Dolly Parton was influenced by her mother.

Parton was born in the village of Locust Ridge in the Smoky Mountains. Parton, her parents, and her eleven siblings all lived in a one-bedroom apartment with no running water or electricity.

Parton knew she wanted to be a vocalist since she was a child. She’d put on spontaneous concerts on her porch and compose songs about her toys. Her mother served as a source of musical inspiration for her as well.

“My mother’s people were musical, largely gospel,” Parton told USA Today, “but my mother and all of her people, as well as some of my daddy’s people, play some musical instruments.”

Parton’s mother later inspired “The Coat of Many Colors,” one of her favorite songs. She composed it about a scrap-material garment her mother sewed for her. When her mother told her the Biblical narrative of Joseph and his coat of many colors, Parton was proud of the clothing.

“I love that one because of my mother, and it’s based on a true story,” she remarked. “It’s one of my favorite memories.” With one of her mother’s favorite songs, she made Stephen Colbert cry. In a visit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Parton demonstrated the power of her music.

Colbert inquired about the music her mother used to perform, and Parton stated that she recalls every song.

“Momma used to sing all those old songs from the old world,” says the narrator. Momma was also a good singer who would sing acapella all the time, and many of the songs she sang were sad.

As I already stated, some of them are quite pathetic.”

Parton began singing “Bury Me Beneath the Willow,” a song about a woman abandoned at the altar by her lover. “Of course, she died,” Parton explained.

Colbert began to cry as she sang. “Aw, you’re crying?” she asked after the second stanza, but she kept singing.

She remarked after she finished, “I best hush before you cry yourself to death and you can’t finish the program!”

Colbert explained his emotions as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic stress he was experiencing.

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