‘I’m tense!’ As he returns from a TV break, Martin Lewis creates a stir with fresh photos.


‘I’m tense!’ As he returns from a TV break, Martin Lewis creates a stir with fresh photos.

Following his summer hiatus from social media and television, MARTIN LEWIS is back and feeling better than ever, as he revealed photos of himself working out in the gym.

Martin Lewis, 49, made quite a stir on social media after being missing for four weeks over the summer. Fans were ecstatic to see the Money Expert was back, and were left speechless when he shared a rare photo of him working out.

PS: Of course, I’m tensing up.

Martin Lewis is a writer who lives in the United

Martin was beaming as he posed in the gym, taking a selfie of himself in the mirror.

Fans were amazed by his muscles and marveled over his figure when he posted a series of three photos to Instagram.

“Obligatory Instagram gym selfies after a month with time to actually work out,” Martin said beside the photos.

“PS, and yes, I am tense!”

His fans rushed to the comments area to greet him as soon as he returned from his break.

“That month flew by so quickly, I believed it had only been a week!” One person wrote, “You look good in it, mate.”

“It’s great to have you back Martin, you’re looking good,” said another.

“I hope you’re feeling as good as you appear! (I’m assuming you do!) “Welcome back to the World Wide Web!” a third person piped in.

“It’s great to see you back!” exclaimed a fourth.

“Your grin in the third pic, though!” exclaimed a fifth.

It comes after Martin took a sabbatical from television and social media, telling his fans that he was “off” on a family vacation.

He announced his choice to take a sabbatical alongside a hilarious photo of him with post-it notes affixed to his eyes with the words “I’m off.”

“For the time being, ta ta. He wrote, “I’m preparing to embark on a Summer Social Sabbatical.”

“I’ll be offline for a few weeks, spending time with my family, relaxing, exercising, golfing, thinking, and watching sports.”

“I wish you all a wonderful summer,” he added.

He told his fans on Twitter that if they had any problems, they should contact his website: “Any concerns, the staff @MoneySavingExp are still around,” he added.

Following the success of his financial career, the father-of-one landed a spot as a guest host on Good Morning Britain last month, capping off a hectic year for the father-of-one.

Susanna and Martin co-hosted the show. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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