‘I’m sure they’ll abandon me one day.’ Adam Henson’s concerns as he discusses his future away from television


‘I’m sure they’ll abandon me one day.’ Adam Henson’s concerns as he discusses his future away from television

ADAM HENSON has spoken up about his 20-year career in the media and how he still pinches himself when he thinks about how far he’s gone.

Adam Henson rose to prominence on Countryfile and now hosts his own show, Our Family Farm Rescue. While the 55-year-old has risen in popularity with viewers over the years, he has stated that he is concerned that his time on television may be coming to an end soon.

“I still have to pinch myself,” he said of his 20 years on Countryfile.

The farmer went on to say that his fans were largely “kind,” but that there were a few who gave him “constructive criticism.”

“However, the media industry is fickle, and I know they’ll drop me one of these days,” he continued.

“However, I’ll just go back to being a full-time farmer, which is OK by me.”

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“I’ve always been just a typical farmer actually — it’s what’s printed on my passport!” he told WhatToWatch.com.

Ahead of his 20th anniversary, Adam has previously stated that his face “won’t fit forever” on the show.

“It’s been amazing,” he stated in an interview with this website.

“I’m incredibly grateful and honored to be a part of such a wonderful program.

Adam stated that he has no plans to depart Countryfile anytime soon.

He stated, “I’m in the hands of the BBC commissioners, so as long as my face fits, perhaps they’ll keep me.”

“I’ll stay as long as my contract is renewed on an annual basis; unless I’m enticed by another channel with something fascinating to do, my heart belongs to the BBC.

“I’m confident my face won’t fit indefinitely, and when it does, I’ll go back to being a regular farmer.”

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Adam’s television career, on the other hand, does not appear to be winding down anytime soon, as he recently debuted his new show, Our Family Farm Rescue.

The host meets farmers who are risking everything in their quest for existence by converting dreary barns into wonderfully usable areas and cashing in on the lucrative tourist trade.

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