‘I’m sure the line is longer than the one for gasoline.’ Alex Beresford takes a jab at the Instagram outage hysteria.


‘I’m sure the line is longer than the one for gasoline.’ Alex Beresford takes a jab at the Instagram outage hysteria.

ALEX BERESFORD has made a cheeky comparison between the hysteria about the big Instagram outage, which has also affected Facebook and WhatsApp, and concerns over a petrol scarcity in the UK.

Alex Beresford, 40, of Good Morning Britain, has weighed in on the concerns about WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook all being down this afternoon. The actress resorted to Twitter to connect the massive disruption to panic buying that has erupted in the UK in recent weeks due to fears of a gasoline shortage.

In light of his 248,000 followers, Alex said, “I’m sure the line to get back on Instagram is longer than the line to buy gas.”

It comes as long lines formed at gas stations around the country in recent days due to fears that fuel may run out.

Fans responded to Alex’s article in the comments section, sharing their thoughts on the situation.

“Nightmare,” remarked Twitter user XcaliburX, “means I’ll have to talk face to face with my pal.”

“Lmao I been trying to bribe anyone to jump the queue,” shuezn1 continued. “There are no takers.” (sic) “Well, there will be since everyone is sitting at home with full tanks,” @serindea said. (sic) “And I’m in the FB queue…” answered @Roz4luv. Alex continued to make light of the situation, expressing his apprehensions about having “actual discussions” tonight evening without the aid of social media.

“When you realize you’ll have to have actual talks with real people in your house if Instagram doesn’t get its s**t together tonight,” he said alongside a humorous GIF of a man looking scared.

Alex’s concerns were shared by many Twitter users, and Instagram recently provided an update on the subject.

“Instagram and friends are having a little bit of a rough time right now, and you may be having difficulty utilizing them,” Instagram Comms said on Twitter.

“Be patient with us; we’re working on it!” #instagramdown.” Many people have been unable to use WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook due to a significant outage.

Facebook owns all three major apps, and they all run on the same infrastructure.

Just before 5 p.m. today evening, all of the applications stopped working for users.

Other apps in the family, such as Facebook Workplace, were also affected by the outage.

Visitors to Facebook’s website were greeted with an error page or a message indicating that their browser was unable to connect.

However, the WhatsApp and Instagram apps appeared to load. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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