‘I’m still spotting them,’ Arcane creators say of hidden League of Legends Easter eggs.


‘I’m still spotting them,’ say Arcane creators of hidden League of Legends Easter eggs.

Christian Linke and Alex Yee, the creators of ARCANE, have confirmed that the new animated series based on the popular online game League of Legends contains many hidden details.

Hailee Seinfeld and Ella Purnell star as Vi and Powder, two sisters caught up in a war over a dangerous new technology in the brand new Netflix series.

The creators of Arcane spoke with this website about what diehard League of Legends fans can expect to see in the game’s first on-screen adaptation.

Since its release in 2009, the massively multiplayer game has become one of the most popular games ever.

League of Legends’ characters have finally come to life in a new Netflix-exclusive nine-part series.

Christian and Alex, the show’s creators, recently spoke to the Express about the show, confirming that there are plenty of hidden references that fans may not have noticed.

“Of course there are Easter eggs,” confirmed co-creator Alex.

“Honestly, I’m still finding Easter eggs that some prop or environmental designer tucked into a corner throughout the show.”

The new Netflix animation is quickly becoming one of the surprise hits of 2021, having already aired all nine episodes of the new series.

Dedicated League fans have already spotted a number of hidden references to the game, despite the fact that many of the series’ fans will be new to the fantasy world.

An unknown character appears to be transforming into Warwick, a vicious beast who preys on criminals, in the final Act of three episodes.

Furthermore, the game contains numerous subtle references to the characters’ abilities, and Benzo’s (played by Fred Tatasciore) store is stocked with playable items.

Fans and creators of the show, on the other hand, have yet to discover many Easter eggs.

Christian and Alex wanted to put the characters first, despite the fact that the series has been praised as an accurate animated adaptation of the game.

“I think one of our goals was to make sure that none of the Easter eggs felt like they were interfering with the story or taking precedence over following the characters and the plot,” Alex explained.


Arcane has already been renewed for a second season, proving that their strategy worked.

Furthermore, the showrunners are hoping that the.

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