‘I’m proud of it,’ Shaun Wallace says of the nickname ‘Dark Destroyer.’


‘I’m proud of it,’ Shaun Wallace says of the moniker ‘Dark Destroyer.’

SHAUN WALLACE says he’s “proud” of his role on The Chase as the Dark Destroyer, despite the fact that many people think it’s inappropriate.

When Shaun Wallace, 61, joined The Chase in 2009, host Bradley Walsh dubbed him the Dark Destroyer.

His nickname on the show has been chastised in the past, most recently by lawyer Paula Rhone-Adrien on Lorraine last year, who revealed she had banned her child from watching the show because he was “the only Chaser defined by the color of his skin” in a conversation about racism.

Shaun, on the other hand, has stated that he has no objection to being referred to as such.

He told This website, “I have no issues with the term Dark Destroyer.”

“I’m a dark, proud, black man who uses my intellect to destroy people.”

Last year, the quizmaster echoed these sentiments in response to a Twitter user who backed Paula’s point of view.

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“Why does @ITVChase’s @TheShaunWallace have to be the only Chaser defined by his skin color?” Nav wondered.

“No one else is – something needs to change.”

I agree completely with @FamilyLawGuruUK.”

“However, I am not defined by the color of my skin,” he responded.

I’m a black man who beats up on other people intellectually.”

“They all have intimidating names,” Abbie continued, “and the beast is called the beast due to his size.”

“They’ve all got incredible names!”

Others called for a change, calling the term racist.

Mark Labbett, aka The Beast, Jenny Ryan, The Vixen, Anne Hegerty, Darragh Ennis, The Menace, and Paul Sinha play the other six chasers on the show.

For the first time in Beat The Chasers in 2020, they competed together.

The show pits brave contestants against three to six quizmasters in the hopes of winning life-changing money.

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During tense rounds, the chasers have clashed over incorrect answers and time waste.

Bradley asked the chasers which author created the Oompa Loompas, the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, during an episode last year.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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