‘I’m on fire,’ says the character. As the Grand Tour automobile bursts into flames, Richard Hammond shouts.


‘I’m on fire,’ says the character. As the Grand Tour automobile bursts into flames, Richard Hammond shouts.

In the special Lochdown, Richard Hammond was left screaming after his car burst into flames as he and other guests Jeremy Clarkson and James May attempted to find which country created the worst car.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond returned for another special episode on Amazon Prime, this time filming in Scotland in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Richard was seen screaming when his car burst into flames during a race in the new episode Lochdown, and he confounded his co-hosts with the rules of their slightly unusual new competition to test if the Americans produced the worst automobiles ever.

Jeremy began, “We’re going to undertake some scientific research.”

Richard was left screaming as his car went up in flames during a race after Richard, James, and Jeremy sought to figure out who created the worst cars out of the Soviet Union or America.

Richard was taken aback when smoke billowed from the hood of his American car after he smashed it.

“Oh no, it’s gone. As the smoke proceeded to block his eyesight, he exclaimed, “The automobile is clearly on fire now.”

“Gentlemen, we may have a winner,” he stated to his colleagues presenters.

He was last seen in the race attempting to get out of his crashed car, but he seemed pleased with the outcome of his ‘victory,’ repeatedly yelling “Yes” as he drove away from the muddy track.

Jeremy has previously defined the race’s purpose: “Yes, we like our cars; they’re charismatic and fascinating.”

“James and Richard currently own Teslas, which are American automobiles, but I’m not implying that all American automobiles are excellent, since they aren’t.

“Some of them are dreadful, and right now we’re going deep into the Scottish countryside to undertake an important experiment,” the host added.

“Which country produced the worst automobiles, the Soviet Union or the United States?”

“What we’re going to do is have a race around this field,” Richard explained.

“We’ll be in the American vehicles, while three of our most junior and thus replaceable researchers will be in the Soviet cars.

“The rules are simple: whoever is first out wins.”

However, after revealing the race’s regulations, James interjected, claiming that he had made a mistake.

“It doesn’t make logic to say the first one out is the winner,” he remarked.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Jeremy said.


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