‘I’m not sure who to trust!’ On energy pricing, Richard Madeley takes a swipe at Hinds MP.


RICHARD MADELEY lambasted Security Minister Damian Hinds over his unclear responses to questions on the UK’s energy crisis during Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain.

Richard Madeley lashed out at Security Minister Damian Hinds about “not knowing who to believe” in dealing with the ongoing energy crisis when he appeared on Good Morning Britain. Madeley grilled the minister over household bills possibly rising by hundreds of pounds next year – and he and Susanna Reid didn’t appear to be convinced by the minister’s answers.

During the episode of the ITV show, Reid and Madeley quizzed Mr Hinds about the potential rise in energy prices impacting the nation.

They told the minister that Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said he is working closely with Chancellor Rishi Sunak over possible support for energy sectors.

However, they explained that a Treasury source has reportedly denied this.

But Mr Hinds stated he doesn’t know who the source is and instead highlighted the importance of the government working together.

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Madeley fumed: “Who do we believe? Do we believe the Business Secretary or do we believe an unnamed source at the Treasury? Who do you believe?

Mr Hinds replied: “Well I think part of the clue there is in the phrase you just used – an unnamed source.

“I wasn’t aware of that conversation and I think neither were you. We don’t know what was in that conversation.

“What I do know is that government ministers are in constant touch with each other and government ministers and departments are in constant touch with each other as they should be.”

He added: “And on an issue like the global rise of energy prices, of course, the Business Secretary is going to be very focused on industry and particularly energy.

“And of course the Treasury is going to be very focused on the effects of the economy.”

A confused Susanna chimed in: “Hang on a minute. So the Business Secretary is in talks with the treasury over what could be done to help in this crisis?”

Mr Hinds replied: “What I was saying Susanna is that government ministers talk to each other and departments are in touch with each other as well.”

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