‘I’m not feeling it.’ Danni properties were cut short by the A Place in the Sun duo because they were “characterless.”


‘I’m not feeling it.’ Danni properties were cut short by the A Place in the Sun duo because they were “characterless.”

A SUNRISE LOCATION During the most recent broadcast of the Channel 4 show, host Danni Menzies was booed by one couple after they rejected a number of the property experts’ recommendations.

Danni Menzies, the host of Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun, returned to help Neil and Linda from Lanarkshire find their perfect holiday house in Antequera, Spain, during the most recent broadcast of the show. With a £140,000 budget, the couple hoped to buy a four-bedroom home with plenty of space. They went on to say that their budget may stretch to £150,000 for the suitable home. Despite a promising start, things quickly deteriorated when the couple canceled one of their house viewings. One vacation property was even labeled as “characterless.”

Danni showed the couple a four-bedroom townhouse as the first property.

The property expert appeared to be off to a good start, as the pair was impressed even before they entered.

Linda and Neil, on the other hand, were struck by how “compact” the house was as the viewing began.

Linda commented, “It’s great, but it’s a little small,” as Danni showed them the “small” kitchen.

Neil appeared to appreciate the townhouse as well, though he did mention that there wasn’t enough room outside for his bikes.

Danni quickly moved on to the next house showing after taking their input into consideration.

The property specialist showed the couple a house with a lot more space, but it was at the upper end of their price range.

Linda admitted to Danni that she was initially hesitant since the home appeared to be “remote” from shops and facilities.

However, as soon as she stepped inside, the house hunter suddenly changed her mind.

Linda and Neil fell in love with the third property right away, and they immediately ruled out the first two viewings.

Danni seemed to have one contender in the bag, and she hoped the couple would be impressed by the fourth property as well.

She explained to them as they stood outside that the house was ready to move in and that they wouldn’t have to undertake any renovations.

Linda, on the other hand, stated before the viewing began, “I am not fond on the view.”

Neither of them were “feeling it” as they glanced around the four-bedroom property on their own.

After witnessing the third house, Neil pointed out that. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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