I’m not allowing children or pets at my wedding, and I’m not even allowing my sister’s service dog, regardless of how important it is.


I’m not allowing children or pets at my wedding, and I’m not even allowing my sister’s service dog, regardless of how necessary it is.

A BRIDE-TO-BE has sparked controversy by revealing that she has forbidden her sister from bringing her service dog to her wedding.

The woman, who is set to marry her man next year, says they’ve decided to have a child-free and pet-free wedding, with no exceptions.

However, the bride’s sister adopted a golden retriever as a psychiatric support dog just over a year ago to help her cope with her bipolar disorder and depression.

People who have service dogs tend to take them everywhere to keep them calm.

It’s no surprise, then, that the bride’s demands are met with hostility by her family.


In a Reddit post, the woman stated that she is doing so because of her fiancé.

As a child, he was allegedly attacked by a golden retriever, and he has been terrified of them ever since.

“He is now fine around all dogs except golden retrievers,” the woman said on the AITA forum on Reddit.

“As a result, my sister comes to see us without her dog every time.”

She’s usually fine to go out if she’s with our mother and doesn’t want to bring the dog, according to my sister, not me.”

“Whenever my fiancé sees a golden retriever in public, he tries to stay as far away as possible and avoids them until they pass,” she continued.

“This is usually a very distressing situation, and he can’t be near them.”

It doesn’t always result in a panic attack, but it does put him on edge and make him want to flee or fight.

Obviously, this isn’t a good fit for our wedding.

“My sister started talking about how she was going to get her dog a bow tie for the wedding.”

This happened at our house, and her dog wasn’t there.

“When my fiancé expressed his dissatisfaction, I backed him up by telling her that her service dog would be unable to attend the wedding.”

The future bride assumed her family would understand because of this, but they have since turned on her.

The bride-to-be claimed she was accused of discriminating against her sister, who insisted that her service dog was “essential for her functioning in life,” according to the 21-year-old.

“I mentioned how she was here without her service dog, and she started crying and having a panic attack right away.”

“With her still crying, my parents took her side and quickly left.”

My brother sided with me, but only because he believes she does not require a service dog.

“I have no opinion on the validity of her dog,” the woman continued.

I’ll be honest…

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