‘I’m looking forward to the part about his naked Las Vegas party.’ The host of GB News slams Harry’s memoir.


‘I’m looking forward to the part about his naked Las Vegas party.’ The host of GB News slams Harry’s memoir.

On Tuesday evening, GB NEWS broadcaster Alex Phillips delivered a scathing monologue about Prince Harry’s planned memoir.

On Tuesday evening, Alex Phillips and Simon McCoy hosted GB News and discussed Prince Harry’s plans to publish a book on his life. The hosts made fun of the king and his upcoming memoir, with Alex going on a rampage. She mentioned a lot of unpleasant stories about the Duke of Sussex, implying that they might not be included in the book.

The Duke of Sussex is writing a memoir, which was announced earlier this week and has caused worldwide debate.

Penguin Random House is planned to release the upcoming book in late 2022.

According to Penguin Random House, Harry will donate all earnings from the book to charity.

On Tuesday evening, however, GB News hosts Alex and Simon dived into the royal news item and mocked the Duke’s planned book.

The two began the story by making a series of jokes about the Duke of Sussex.

Alex started with, “One of my favorite characters, The Duke of Montecito,” which caused her co-star to bust out laughing.

“To you and me, that’s Prince Harry. “You are naughty, Duke of Montecito,” Simon remarked.

“He’s suddenly discovered he has a book in him,” Alex continued. Who’d have guessed?

“HRH ‘Why do the media keep Harrying me?’ is bringing his lived truth to the world once more with a tell-all book on his journey. Someone, please, make him stop!

“The unexpected literary prince, who miraculously managed to obtain two A-levels, a B and a D, is now imparting his pearls of wisdom.

“Not about the Prince he was born to be, but about the man he appears to have become. “What exactly has he evolved into?” The host of GB News enquired.

“I guess he can transform the tax-payer-renovated Frogmore Cottage into the national vomitorium when the ABC of’me, me, me’ is printed in Comic Sans to Penguin’s fanfare,” Alex said.

As she read aloud Penguin’s description of the book, she joked, “Puke bowls at the ready.”

She continued to make fun of the Duke of Sussex and his planned memoir.

“You’re so brave, abandoning your loved ones and bragging about being cut off by daddy as he’s stumbling over a.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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