‘I’m in big trouble.’ Before the wedding day, Monty Don answers to a fan’s desperate cry for assistance.


‘I’m in big trouble.’ Before the wedding day, Monty Don answers to a fan’s desperate cry for assistance.

‘I’m in a lot of trouble.’ Monty Don responds to a fan’s frantic plea for help before the wedding day.

MONTY DON has admitted they were “in difficulty” before their wedding day yesterday, in response to a fan’s desperate request for help.

Monty Don, 66, responded to a fan on social media yesterday after they sought his advice before their wedding day after getting “in difficulty” with their partner due to a gardening disaster. According to the Twitter user, the couple was planning to marry in their garden shortly, but their “wild meadow strip” was still sparse and unkempt, making for a fairly depressing wedding location.

The follower wrote to Monty, “@TheMontyDon,” and shared a photo of their garden.

Since we’re being married in our garden next month, and our little wild meadow strip suddenly resembles this, I’m in hot water with my soon-to-be bride. I’m hopeful for its future, but I’m afraid it won’t go over well with her.

“Do you have some comforting words for my fiancé? Her name is Lorna.”

Despite the fan’s desire for assurance, Monty could only offer the unwelcome news that the flower might not blossom in time for the couple’s wedding.

He stated, “It appears to be great for distributing wildflower seed.” I’m not sure I’d have done this right before my garden wedding…

“However, it should be acceptable after a few weeks. In the spring, it’s much better.”

Monty is the star of BBC’s Gardeners’ World, and he has previously acknowledged to wooing his wife, Sarah Erskine, in a unique way during their early years together.

The TV host said he couldn’t find the keys to his wife’s shed, which had a lawnmower in it.

Monty, on the other hand, made the romantic decision to use kitchen scissors to cut her entire yard.

He told the Mirror that he met up with his wife and wooed her by cutting her lawn with her kitchen scissors since he couldn’t find the key to the shed where the lawnmower was.

“She thought I was a fool back then, and she still thinks so today. He is, nevertheless, a passionate knucklehead. We were only 25 years old at the time, yet we bought the biggest garden we could.”

Although the horticulturist is known for his love of gardening, he claimed that for the first ten years of his life, he loathed it.

“You’d guess I’m into gardening,” Monty said at the Edinburgh Literary Festival. News from the Brinkwire


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