I’m hooked to drywall and am practically eating my way out of my house.


I’m hooked to drywall and am practically eating my way out of my house.

A WOMAN has disclosed that her addiction to eating drywall has caused her to damage her home and placed her at risk of cancer.

Nicole, a 26-year-old Detroiter, has been eating on the walls of her own home, as well as the homes of friends and family, for the past seven years.

An accidental nibble on a piece of chalk started the single mother’s addiction.

“I switched from chalk to dry wall because dry wall tastes better to me,” she claimed on TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

“I adore the smell, texture, and taste of drywall; in fact, I adore everything about it.”

Nicole currently eats six times a day and has consumed 93 square meters of food in the last seven years.

When her mother died five years ago, her addiction spiraled out of hand.

“No one knows about my drywall addiction,” she says. “It’s made me really uncomfortable and ashamed since it’s not food.”

I’m scared that I’ll become sick later, but I don’t want to know what’s in the drywall right now.

“My addiction has reached its pinnacle, and I know it’s time for me to stop, but I’m not sure I can.”

Fiberglass, acid, and silica included in drywall can cause allergic responses, diarrhoea, and cancer.

Nicole seeks medical help after disclosing her addiction to her uncle Gordon.

Nicole’s desires are linked to her anxiety, according to the doctor, who also warns that swallowing the material on a regular basis could lead to bowel blockage and cancer.

Nicole, on the other hand, shows no signs of this, prompting her to pledge to overcome her addiction.

“Now that I know what’s in drywall and what it can do to me, it was a tremendous wake up call,” she says.

“I want to be there for my son; I don’t want him to see me get sick knowing that I might have stopped it.”


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