I’m having a destination wedding and I’m refusing to help my family pay for it because I’m’stuck up,’ they say.


I’m having a destination wedding and I’m refusing to help my family pay for it because I’m’stuck up,’ they say.

A GROOM has revealed that if he wants his family to attend his destination wedding, he must pay for portion of their expenditures.

The groom seems unconcerned if not everyone is able to attend, but his family is blaming him and has even referred to him as “stuck up.”

The troubled man revealed on Reddit that he is getting married in a location that is significant to his future wife and family.

He acknowledged that he was aware that there may be complications with guests being unable to attend, but he and his fiancée felt that the destination wedding was still the best option for them.

“We… had a lot of chats about not taking things personally if people couldn’t attend, and we were very honest with the folks we wanted to be in our wedding party about the expense and expectations,” he stated.

He went on to say that while destination weddings are typical in his bride-to-family be’s due to money, the primary concerns have come from his side.

“They all freaked out over not being able to finance it when I told my parents and siblings about our wedding preparations,” he said.

“I told them I understood if it’s not something they can afford, and while I’d love to have them there, I won’t hold it against them if they can’t.”

While the groom’s parents have told him that they will go regardless of the cost, they have pleaded with him to save money so that his siblings can attend as well.

His sisters learned of his parents’ plan and are now asking that he cover at least half of their costs, including their children’s flights.

They contended that since he was having a destination wedding, it was his “duty” to fund the fees when he initially said no.

“I informed them that I love them and would love to have them at my wedding,” he wrote, “but I am not going to support their entire family’s vacations.”

“I stated the only way I’d even contemplate it would be if it was just them and their spouses, no kids,” he wrote, before admitting that excluding the children is “unacceptable” to his family.

“They informed me that since I got engaged, I’ve transformed into a stuck-up a**hole who is rubbing my fiancée’s money in their faces,” he ended.

Thousands of people commented on the message, and the internet was split on which side to support.

“It saddens them to see you put money above their involvement in your life; it hurts them to be left out of the wedding… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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