‘I’m going to puke on set!’ Matt Tebbutt of Saturday Kitchen was caught aback by a guest’s remark.


‘I’m going to puke on set!’ Matt Tebbutt of Saturday Kitchen was caught aback by a guest’s remark.

Matt Tebbutt of SATURDAY KITCHEN was taken aback when his guest, comedian Ellie Taylor, stated she would “vomit on set.”

Matt Tebbutt, host of the BBC show, asked the 37-year-old what her gastronomic heaven and hell would be, so that viewers could vote on which dish should be prepared for her. Ellie guffawed as she described her vision of food hell, revealing that if she were given the Saturday Kitchen set, she would vomit all over it. Matt cooks a dish for guests depending on what people want to see them eat on the cooking and talk show, and this time, naturally, members of the public chose Ellie’s food hell.

TV chef Matt continued, “Now Ellie, you’ve been here before, you know the score, you’ve been on the show before.” “How do you define heaven and hell in terms of food?”

“Heaven, I would think, is anything pastry based, I love a bit of pastry,” the comic, who recently published a book, said.

“Something cheesy with roasted vegetables and tomatoes. That’s exactly what I’m looking for, so please go ahead and do it.”

“On the other side, if we go to food hell, I would say just like smoked fish,” she concluded.

“Anything like that, muscles, dill!” she said, making gagging sounds. Oh, I despise dill and have a vendetta against it.

“It’s the most meaningless weed I’ve ever seen. So, as a heads up, if I get that, I’m going to puke on set.”

Matt, 47, was taken aback as he laughed. “I will, and I stand by it – I will puke out of spite, okay?” Ellie said.

When it came down to the crunch, viewers voted for Ellie to be sent to “food hell.”

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“It may be food hell, because you swore you’d vomit on live TV…,” Matt joked before revealing the news.

“Do you see where we’re going with this?” “I guess in hindsight, I should have thought about what I was saying,” Ellie replied. ” Isn’t this going to be hell?” “It definitely is!” said the chef.

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