‘I’m going to hang this on the wall.’ James May responds to the automobile fire of new Top Gear host Chris Harris.


‘I’m going to hang this on the wall.’ James May responds to the automobile fire of new Top Gear host Chris Harris.

JAMES MAY has spoken out about Chris Harris’ terrifying car fire, expressing his displeasure with the incident.

On Twitter today, James May, 58, responded to Chris Harris’ Alpine A110 exploding into flames while he was filming for Top Gear. As Chris stood by the charred automobile, the Grand Tour host stated that he would not be lending his own car to him anytime soon.

The terrible incident occurred in 2017, when a feature filming for Top Gear was destroyed by a massive fire. Fortunately, Harris and Eddie Jordan were unharmed when the Alpine A110 they were driving to compete in the Monte Carlo rally caught fire.

The piece aired on the sixth and last episode of the 25th series of Top Gear, and today the automotive expert took a trip down memory lane by sharing a snapshot from the incident with his social media followers.

“Someone emailed this to me today,” he typed. That day was on the verge of being a disaster. Gulp.” “I’m putting this on the wall, to remind me not to lend him mine,” said former Top Gear host May, who owns an Alpine A110. Along with his co-hosts Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, James quit the show in 2016.

Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and Freddie Flintoff have hosted it since then.

Fans flocked to the comments section to compare the situation to Hammond’s harrowing crash on the set of Top Gear in 2006, which resulted in his being taken to the hospital.

“Richard Hammond has some competition, I see,” @CalumBallinger observed.

“@MrJamesMay,” @AndyJH said.

“Is @RichardHammond the new @RichardHammond?”

“I wouldn’t recommend giving a car to either Harris or Hammond,” @martinp1986 said. Clarkson, for example. With his ‘POWER AND SPEED,’ Jezza will wreck it, Hammond will have it on its roof, and Harris… That image, after all, tells a lot.” When Harris spoke about the incident at the time, he stated that the car had flashed a warning light before erupting into flames.

“The objective of this portion of the film was to get Eddie to be a bit obnoxious,” he wrote for Top Gear magazine. We were both laughing and sobbing because he was doing so great. When we reached the bottom of the rally stage, the director instructed us to climb back up, get near to the tracking car, and see what we could accomplish.

“What was discovered.” “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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