‘I’m going to get lots of stick,’ Darragh Ennis said following The Chase mishap.


‘I’m going to get lots of stick,’ Darragh Ennis said following The Chase mishap.

During Tuesday’s episode of The Chase, DARRAGH ENNIS embarrassed himself by making an awful gaffe that left ITV host Bradley Walsh speechless.

Contestants Amy, Matthew, Richard, and Abigail took on Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis on Tuesday’s episode of The Chase. All four of them hoped they’d have what it took to beat the Chaser in the head-to-head rounds and walk away with some substantial cash. Richard was the only ITV contestant who did not return for the Final Chase, despite Darragh’s gaffe providing him with the perfect opportunity to continue in the game.

Following Amy and Matthew’s return to the final round of the ITV quiz program, Richard was third in line to face Darragh.

Amy had brought £5,000 back to the table after sticking to her cash-builder earnings, whilst Matthew had only brought £1,000 back after accepting the cheaper offer.

To avoid following in their footsteps, Richard promised Darragh that he would always take the larger offer, which was £46,000 in his case.

However, it was evident early on that Richard was on his way out after he got his first two questions against Darragh wrong.

Darragh had set the situation for Richard to be sent home after only a few brainteasers, but he, too, slipped up.

“Which part of the brain determines your sleep and wakefulness patterns?” Bradley has questioned the pair.

The three viable choices were the amygdala, hypothalamus, and cerebellum, with Richard choosing the latter of the three.

The Chase host revealed that Richard had answered the question incorrectly, and Darragh was persuaded that the Chaser had gotten the answer properly because of his background in science.

After Richard’s mistake was disclosed, Bradley replied, “Now he’ll know this.”

“The Chaser has put… sorry, it’s the way it goes,” Bradley said, certain Richard was on his way home.

Darragh, on the other hand, made a mistake and chose the amygdala, which surprised Bradley.

Darragh admitted to his gaffe, “That was a very, really, really awful miss from me.”

He said, “I just blanked and couldn’t think of it.” “I went the wrong way, so I’m going to get tons,” says Brinkwire.


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