‘I’m furious.’ Stacey Dooley is enraged as she calls the cops to report an insulting event.


‘I’m furious.’ Stacey Dooley is enraged as she calls the cops to report an insulting event.

STACEY DOOLEY unleashed her rage after walking past a man spreading homophobic hatred on London’s Oxford Street.

Stacey Dooley, 34, was enraged after hearing a man’s incredibly insulting speech on London’s Oxford Street, where he was promoting hatred by criticizing LGBT people. The BBC presenter was outraged, telling her 990,000 Instagram followers that she was reporting the incident to the police and that she had video evidence.

My heart is beating because I’m so mad!

Dooley, Stacey

The journalist informed viewers she couldn’t believe what she had just seen and yelled at the person’s entitlement in a series of black and white films shared to her Instagram account.

“I’m so angry, my heart is racing,” she grumbled, “so I’m going to try to communicate this in a coherent manner.”

“As I walk along Oxford Street, a man with a microphone yells at the top of his lungs, ‘If you’re a gay, you’re going to hell.’

“I cannot believe we are still having to put up with this hate speech in 2021,” Stacey said after a little pause in shock. It was captured on video, and I will be reporting on it.

“He incites racial hatred. When others ask you, “Why do we still need Pride?” you should respond with, “Why do we still need Pride?”

“This is why Pride is still needed! Because there are still people who believe they have the right to stand on one of the busiest streets in the UK telling gay men, lesbians, and anyone else of whatever sexual orientation that they are going to hell…”

She added a caption to the last video that conveyed a strong message.

“And please don’t @ me, he’s entitled to his opinion… blah blah blah,” Stacey wrote.


Stacey Dooley (@sjdooley) shared a post.

“Imagine being a young person who isn’t heterosexual and strolling past that man. Consider how they must be feeling.”

Stacey made a major announcement late Tuesday evening, telling her followers about some new projects she’s been working on, and fans couldn’t get enough.

The BBC journalist confessed she was “aware” that she hadn’t updated her fans on what she’d been up to professionally in a while, and she wanted to give them the inside scoop on what was going on in her hectic schedule.

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