‘I’m furious.’ In an unexpected pregnancy admission, Stacey Solomon ‘loses it.’


‘I’m furious.’ In an unexpected pregnancy admission, Stacey Solomon ‘loses it.’

STACEY SOLOMON revealed to her Instagram followers this morning that she was feeling “so upset” and that she was “losing it” over the chores in an online update.

Stacey Solomon, who plays Stacey on Loose Women, revealed to followers this morning that she was acting out of character during her fourth pregnancy. Making her son’s bunk beds had pushed her over the edge and left her upset this morning, according to the mother of three.

Stacey, who is expecting her second child with fiancé Joe Swash, has had a rough week because the former EastEnders star is abroad with his oldest son.

The former soap star is out fishing with his 14-year-old son Harry, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Emma Sophocleous.

This means that the 31-year-old TV personality has been caring for their two-year-old son Rex, as well as her two sons, Zachary, 13, and Leighton, nine.

Stacey, who said she rarely gets upset at home, admitted to being irritated all of the time.

The singer, who just announced that she is expecting a daughter, assumed the change was due to her pregnancy hormones.

She wrote on her Instagram Story, “I’m pretty irritated at the moment.” Not at the moment, but in general. I’m constantly enraged.

In light of her 4.6 million followers, she said, “I’m not an angry person either; nothing really gets me mad or angry except than actual injustices or people being horrible to people, but right now I’m losing it over constructing these bunk beds.”

Stacey captioned the video, “I don’t know if this is pregnancy or simply who I am now, but I’ve been so angry recently [laughing emoji].”

“Making this bunk bed nearly drove me insane. My twitchy, furious eye was out of control.

The ITV panelist was frustrated, asking, “Why am I even making it…”

Stacey went back to the photo-sharing site to share some of the responses she’d had to her comments.


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“So many of you are claiming it’s a female pregnancy issue. “I didn’t even consider it being different,” she posted on the internet.

“Hopefully, that’s it, and it’ll go away with the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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