‘I’m depressed about Derek’s condition.’ Kate Garraway explains why she cried during her NTAs speech.


‘I’m depressed about Derek’s condition.’ Kate Garraway explains why she cried during her NTAs speech.

After winning the Authored Documentary award at the National Television Awards 2021 for her ITV film about her husband Derek Draper’s heartbreaking struggle with coronavirus, Kate Garraway has justified her tearful show.

Kate Garraway, 54, of Good Morning Britain, has revealed why she broke down in tears while winning her NTA for her documentary Finding Derek this evening. The actress received a standing ovation as she walked the stage to win the prize for best Authored Documentary at this year’s National Television Awards.

Kate sobbed as she spoke about her husband Derek in her acceptance speech, revealing details about her family life as the former political adviser was in hospital for a year being treated for the deadly illness.

Kate is now caring for Derek at home as he recovers from his illness, which was caused by a virus that attacked his internal organs.

Kate stated why she was so sad upon receiving her trophy after leaving the stage.

“There are a lot of obstacles that we are facing right now,” the celebrity revealed.

“I am now dealing with the hardships of being a 24-hour caregiver.

“We’re all aware that social care has been in the news.

“Many people require assistance in obtaining the health and social services they require.

“There are definitely more tales to tell.”

She told The Express, The Mirror, and The Daily Star that she hopes Derek will be able to speak out about his experiences again soon.

“Let’s hope Derek’s voice will be in the stories,” the mother of two remarked.

“We know he’s in there; all we have to do now is get him out.”

Kate went on to explain why she was hesitant to attend the NTAs this year, stating that she was concerned about leaving her family at home.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to come,” the host said.

“I love the NTAs, but it felt strange to be leaving the family at this time, and I’ve been saddened by Derek’s condition.

“Even as I was walking in here, I encountered a woman who said, ‘I lost my husband,’ which makes me think it was worthwhile to come.”

Derek and the two children she shares with him, Darcey and Billy, have been watching the NTAs from their home, Kate continued. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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